2017: What Jewellery Trends will we see this Year?

With the New Year upon us, our thoughts often turn to refreshing our lives, and our wardrobes are a big part of our identity and how we feel. Jewellery is always an excellent way to change our look from one year – or from one day, even – to the next. But being at the cutting edge of style means being in the know when it comes to upcoming jewellery trends.

With that in mind, here are our favourite jewellery trends for 2017, all available from your local jeweller:

Oversized Boho

Boho chic has been in style for quite a few years now, and as we start to look forward to the spring, and later the summer, boho is going big.

Oversized is the way to make this look fashionable for the year ahead. That means large, intricate folk style necklaces but on a bigger scale than normal; almost a cross between the traditional boho look and a piece of statement jewellery.

Similarly, layer chunky oversized boho bracelets and add large nature-inspired rings to each hand.

Unusual Floral

Motifs inspired by flora will be in fashion for 2017, but with a slight twist: gone are the pretty petal inspired pieces, and instead you’ll find the likes of wheatsheaf motifs, and leaf designs, all of which will be available from your local jeweller.

Traditional yellow gold will be a big part of this look, and works well to give a summer or autumnal feel to the likes of leaves. Often, this gold jewellery will incorporate encrusted tiny diamonds or zirconia to highlight the motif.

Cool Collars

Collar style necklaces will be big this season. Just like everything else jewellery-wise, the traditional choker is going oversized in 2017. In fact, the choker will turn into something more akin to a collar this year, with the jewellery stacked up around the throat.

Layers of snake-chain gold make for chunky oversized chokers this year. It’s not a look for the faint hearted, however, so if it’s not for you, look out for the modern encrusted collar; these are collars that can be added to plain blouses and tops, encrusted in jewellers, to give your simple outfit a boost. Why not speak to your local jeweller about custom pieces such as this?

Handmade Chic

Cool, unusual pieces which are not mass produced will be highly fashionable this year. The likes of quirky rings and pretty bracelets will all have a handmade feel to them this year. Why not have a piece made uniquely for you by your local jeweller? No one else will have such a piece, yet you’ll be completely on trend for 2017.

If you’re unsure as to what trends will suit you this new year, speak to your local jeweller. In Woodford, Loughton and Barkingside and of course surrounding areas, jewellery lovers can embrace the new trends with the help of EK Jewellers located just a stone’s throw away in Hainault. We’ll guide you towards the trends which will suit your style, but which will also bring your wardrobe bang up to date for the New Year.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.