3 Important Reasons Why You Should NEVER be Tempted by DIY Jewellery Repairs

We know there are times when it’s difficult to get to your local jewellers to have your watch battery changed or have jewellery repaired. And we also know it’s tempting to attempt a DIY jewellery repair yourself at home. But, as experienced local jewellers in Ilford, we would always advise that you should never be tempted to try to repair your jewellery yourself. Here’s what can go wrong when you don’t take your jewellery to be repaired by a knowledgeable jeweller.

1.  You might damage your watch – for good

If you wear your timepiece every day, we know how annoying it is to be without it when the battery dies. However, we would always advise against changing your watch battery yourself.

This is because it is incredibly difficult to change a watch battery at home without damaging it in some way. You could cause damage to the casing of the watch when trying to open it to get to the battery, or you could lose one of the tiny parts as you open it (those little springs have a nasty habit of jumping all over the place if you don’t know what you’re doing!).

Even if you don’t damage it, you may never get the watch back together in the same way as it was before. We would always advise taking it to a local jeweller to have the watch battery changed professionally to ensure it is done without causing any damage.

2.  Your pearl or beaded necklace may snap

If you have a pearl or beaded necklace where the string has become loose, you might be tempted to have a go at restringing it yourself. However, we would advise against this.

For starters, you need to have the correct stringing material; regular thread won’t be strong enough to hold your pearls or your beads. Furthermore, you need to know how to tie the knots between each bead correctly to make the thread stronger. This is not something that’s easy to do as a DIY repair, and you do not want to be wearing your precious pearls one day to find that the string snaps and you lose them.

Instead, wait until you can take the necklace to a trusted jeweller who specialises in bead restringing.

3.  You could cloud or damage stones or tarnish metal

Sometimes you just want your jewellery brightened up a little. You may opt to clean your jewellery at home, and sometimes this can be done quite easily yourself. But if you’re not sure what to use to clean your jewellery or how best to go about it, we’d advise leaving it until you are able to get to your local jewellers for expert advice.

You could potentially make gem stones cloudy, tarnish the metal, or damage a stone setting whilst attempting to clean a piece. If you’d rather you didn’t damage your jewellery in this way, have your piece cleaned professionally.

Have your Jewellery Professionally Repaired by the Jewellers Ilford Residents Have Trusted for Decades

Although you may have to wait a little longer to have your jewellery repaired, it will be worth the wait to have it done professionally. Here at E.K. Jewellers we can repair links, fit your watch with a new watch battery, restring your pearls or give your jewellery a thorough service and clean. Get in touch today to discover how we can help.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.