3 Signs your Watch Needs a New Watch Battery

We all know that a watch battery won’t last forever. But what are the signs that you should have your watch battery changed, or indeed your watch serviced? Here are some signs that you might need a new watch battery from your trusted jewellers in Ilford.

1.  Your watch has stopped completely

Of course, if your watch has stopped completely, this is a great big neon sign that you need a new watch battery! For most watches, you’ll need a new watch battery every 1 – 3 years. If your watch battery has stopped completely, it’s a sign that the battery has completely drained, and it’s worth booking you watch in for a service, too.

It’s really important to use a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises for a new watch battery and servicing, as this will mean that your timepiece won’t become lost in transit. For watch lovers in Hainault and Ilford, a new watch battery and service can be undertaken here on site at E.K. Jewellers. If your watch still isn’t working after the battery has been changed, it could be a movement problem, and we may be able to help repair the piece.

2.  Your watch doesn’t keep the correct time

Is there any point in wearing a watch that does not keep the correct time?! No, of course there isn’t, but often one of the first signs that you need to change your watch battery is that your timepiece isn’t keeping the correct time.

This is particularly true with Quartz watches which feature extremely accurate movements and are known for keeping almost perfect time. Mechanical watches will also keep great time, but will lose a couple of minutes per day, and more so in a vintage model.

If you’re finding this to be the case, take your watch to your local jeweller. They may suggest a new watch battery, but they will probably also suggest a service, because it may be a fault with the movement of the watch rather than the battery itself. For a service and a new watch battery, Woodford and Gidea Park residents can visit E.K. Jewellers, for both Quartz and mechanical watches.

3.  The second hand jumps in 5 second intervals

Some watch models will tell you that they are low on battery by having the second hand jump in five second intervals. If this is the case, it’s best to get your watch battery changed sooner rather than later, partly because it’s likely that the watch will completely stop in the not too distant future, and partly because certain watch models can suffer more damage if left to deplete.

Call in to E.K. Jewellers for a New Watch Battery

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it’s time for a new watch battery! Hainault, Woodford and Ilford based customers can pop into to E.K. Jewellers for both a watch service and a new watch battery. Don’t leave it until your watch has stopped ticking to change your battery; let us keep you ticking over!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.