3 Tips for Organising and Displaying your Jewellery

Just as is the case with clothes, if you can’t see all your jewellery easily at a glance then the likelihood is that those pieces will not be worn. What better time than now to organise your jewellery and display the pieces you wear regularly? As trusted jewellers in Ilford, here are our favourite ways of organising and then displaying our jewellery.

1.  Declutter your Jewellery Box

We’re all guilty of it, pieces we’ve fallen out of love with still sit in our jewellery box alongside our everyday favourites. But this cluttered approach will stop you from easily seeing everything and choosing those the ones that will work well with an outfit of choice on any given day.

Now is the time to declutter your jewellery box. Set any costume pieces you no longer wear to one side ready to donate to the local charity shop and take stock of your more valuable pieces. Are there pieces which require repair? If so, set them aside ready to take to your local jewellers for a repair in due course.

Perhaps there are also a few pieces which are valuable, or maybe even sentimental, but which are not your style? If so, keep these together ready to take to a jeweller who can remodel them into something more in keeping with your current style or fashion, and that you’ll want to wear again.

2.  Organise Accordingly

Once you’ve decluttered, you can then organise your jewellery box accordingly. A box with various compartments is ideal, preferably one with sections for rings, earrings and necklaces that can be stored safely without breaking or tangling.

If your jewellery collection has outgrown its current storage you may have to think outside the jewellery box. There are many DIY options for storing custom jewellery, such as using ice cube trays within shallow drawers for holding rings and earrings; hooking bracelets, bangles and fashion watches over a kitchen roll holder, and hanging necklaces from an empty wall coat rack. These are all great ways of storing your non-precious pieces in a DIY fashion until you can get to the shops to purchase proper storage.

For more valuable items, if you have the original box then this is usually the best way of storing it. Remember that valuable items should also be kept in a locked safe where possible to prevent theft, too.

3.  Display and Enjoy!

Many of us love looking through our jewellery collections and choosing the perfect item to wear that day. Why not go one step further and have your costume jewellery on display where you can appreciate it all the time?

The aforementioned kitchen roll bangle holder and the hanging necklace coat rack are great ways to start displaying your jewellery, however you may also choose to upcycle a frame to hang your jewellery within, or even hang it from a dress maker’s mannequin, the body of which can be decorated with your brooches!

As long as your jewellery is displayed in a way which also keeps it safe from being tangled or broken, there’s really no right or wrong way of displaying your beautiful pieces.

Organised your Jewellery? Time for all those jewellery repairs!

Once you’ve been through the fun process of displaying and organising your jewellery, remember to get those broken pieces repaired. Here at E.K. Jewellers, we repair all pieces on the premises, so there’s no risk of it being lost during transit. For jewellery repairs you can trust, bring your precious pieces in to us.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.