3 Ways to Revive an Heirloom Watch

There’s something so lovely about owning an heirloom watch. All that history, its previous owners and their stories, still ticking away and telling of times to come. But that’s not to say that they are always in a good state of repair, even if they are still functioning. If you’re looking to repair an heirloom watch, here are three aspects that you need to consider ready for its revival.

What makes an heirloom watch?

Although opinion varies on what makes an heirloom watch in terms of the age of the watches in question, as a general rule we would say that an heirloom timepiece is often one which is passed down from generation to generation, regardless of how old they are. Of course, vintage timepieces can also be shop bought too, which is also a great way of acquiring a timepiece with history attached to it.

How can you repair an heirloom watch?

How you bring an heirloom watch back to life depends on the type of damage and wear and tear that it’s sustained. With this in mind, here are a few vintage watch restoration ideas:

1.  Replace the watch band

If the watch band has seen better days and looks like it may break upon wear, it’s time to replace it. You do not want to lose your precious heirloom watch for the sake of changing the watch band.

Jewellers Hainault and Ilford wide will stock a wide range of watch bands to suit your needs and the style of the watch, so check with them how you can revive the watch band. Alternatively, you may choose to update the look of the watch with a completely new style of watch band!

2.  Cleaning the watch

Whether you’re looking to restore a pocket watch or a wrist watch, sometimes all that is needed is a clean of the timepiece.

However, often this is not a job for amateurs; we would recommend asking your local jeweller in Hainault if they can professionally clean the watch, otherwise you run the risk of damaging it further. Your local jeweller in Ilford or Hainault will have specialist cleaning materials which won’t damage the metal of your watch, so ask for advice rather than risking your timepiece because of the wrong cleaning product.

If you are still determined to have a go at cleaning your timepiece yourself, something as simple as a pencil eraser can remove a large amount of the grease, dirt and fingerprints which will have built up on the watch face over the years. Be very gentle so as not to damage the face or the mechanism when using the eraser, and finish with a gentle wipe of a soft cloth.

3.  Servicing the watch

Of course, if your watch is no longer ticking away, it will need to be properly serviced by professional jewellers in Ilford or Hainault. Search for ‘watch repair near me’ but bear in mind that you should always choose a jeweller who carries out watch repairs on the premises; this will ensure that your precious timepiece does not get lost in transit.

A professional jeweller will be able to service and repair your heirloom watch so that it’s ticking away again in no time.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.