4 Packaging Ideas for Gifting Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is a joy to both give and receive. Bespoke and handmade jewellery is such a special gift, given with so much love poured into the piece, handcrafted with the recipient in mind. But of course, the finishing touch to any jewellery gift is the packaging. Here are some packaging ideas for handmade jewellery.

Jewellery packaging that lasts

Many people keep their jewellery in the original packaging it came in. Indeed, as trusted and experienced local jewellers, we often advise keeping your jewellery in its original packaging in order to keep it safe.

Jewellery packaging ideas that last are often a good idea. Leatherette boxes are often used, but for something more unusual, there are some beautiful wooden jewellery boxes around, many of which are pillow boxes on the interior. This keeps your handmade jewellery pieces perfectly safe and sound, and beautifully presented at the same time.

Jewellery packaging that’s good for the planet

Sustainability is at the forefront of many people’s minds nowadays, and rightly so. If you are looking to present your jewellery piece in a sustainable way, then kraft recycled packaging is a great choice. Kraft boxes and bags are recyclable and 100% biodegradable, making them the perfect choice for the eco-conscious.

And if you’re concerned about the finished look of the presented gift, fear not. Many more people are used to seeing the rustic, but plain brown, packaging nowadays and your gifts can be jazzed up with natural string, jute or raffia. You can also use jute bags to place kraft boxes inside for an added element of gift wrap and surprise.

Jewellery packaging bags

Certain items of jewellery can be gifted in soft pouches. Bangles and bracelets for example can be gifted in pouches, and look really pretty in doing so. Some pouches, such as jute pouches, may also be sustainable.

However, some items of jewellery won’t work so well in pouches. For example, necklaces may get tangled in a pouch, and earrings really ought to be gifted in dedicated earring packaging. Why not speak to your local jeweller as to whether a pouch will be suitable jewellery packaging?

Creative jewellery packaging

If you’re gifting an unusual piece of jewellery, as handmade jewellery often is, then you may wish to go for creative packaging. Custom jewellery packaging is an option, with earring packaging, for example, perhaps consisting of a luggage tag shaped piece of card, with the earring holes punched through. Alternatively, we’ve seen lots of lovely folded envelope styles of card which house earrings, and are finished with string, making them another sustainable option.

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Here at E.K. Jewellers in Hainault, we love creating handmade pieces of jewellery for you to gift to the special people in your life. And more than that, we love the idea of it being gifted beautifully, too. Why not ask us about our thoughts on packaging ideas for handmade jewellery? We can help you to gift our pieces of handmade jewellery in style.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.