4 Reasons why you Should Design your Own Engagement Ring

If you’re thinking of popping the question, you may have a good idea of what you’d like your ideal engagement ring to look like. But, have you tried to find this ring in the shops? If so, you may have ended up disappointed! If you want a specific style or design of engagement ring, your best bet is to design it yourself, with the help of your local jeweller in Hainault!

Here are just four reasons why it’s a great idea to design your own engagement ring:

1.  Add Something Special to your Proposal

A proposal is such a huge deal. You’ll want to make sure that it’s as special as it can be. And designing your own engagement ring to give to your loved one is one extra special way of doing so. You can be confident that by designing your own engagement ring, no one else will have the same ring as the one you’re proposing with, which will add just that little something to your proposal.

2.  Symbolism and Meaning

By working with your local jeweller in Hainault, you can create something together which will have huge meaning to you and your loved one. For example, this could include using your birthstones, or those of your children, or you could choose a shape or motif that means something to you, such as two intertwined hearts, or even something like a floral shape, should you both be nature lovers, for example.

By designing your own engagement ring, you’ll literally have control over every aspect, from the ring’s setting through to the metal used for the band, meaning that you can create something which has a truly special meaning for your loved one.

3.  Suit your Loved One’s Style

As well as creating a ring which is meaningful to you both as a couple, have you considered that local jewellers Hainault wide will also be able to help you to create something which matches your loved one’s sense of style?

If you know the type of engagement ring your loved one would like, then you can go ahead and get designing straight away. Alternatively, why not get your partner involved and design something together, so that you truly know that they’ll love it?

4.  Be Creative!

And of course, the best part of designing your perfect engagement ring? You get to be creative! Let your creative juices flow to produce something which isn’t just special, but is also beautiful.

So why not channel some of your creative energy into designing a beautiful engagement ring with the help of your local jeweller in Hainault? E.K. Jewellers is happy to help with all your bespoke jewellery needs, including engagement rings, so why not pop in today to arrange a consultation, ready to pop the question in style?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.