5 Alphabet Jewellery Ideas for the Ultimate Gift

Alphabet jewellery has come and gone and come again in terms of its fashionableness. Once upon a time the name necklace was the accessory to be seen in, but now name necklaces have moved on and alphabet jewellery has taken over its place. And rightly so, as initial jewellery is such a personal, thoughtful gift to receive and wear. So what ideas are out there to make the ultimate alphabet jewellery gift?

1.  The classic charm

The obvious choice that everyone thinks of when it comes to initial jewellery is the alphabet charm. This could either be in the form of an alphabet necklace with a simple initial charm on the end, a charm for a charm bracelet or even initial earrings.

All of these options make for great gift ideas. Their simplicity is part of their charm, quite literally. All you have to do is choose the metal of choice: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver or platinum? There is plenty of choice out there to suit every sense of style.

2.  The diamond letter

A diamond letter necklace has been a popular choice for a long time. A diamond initial necklace is quite bold in style, so gift this to those that like a little bit of sparkle. Remember that yellow gold can create a classic diamond letter necklace, so if you want to gift something a little more contemporary, go for rose gold, white gold or silver.

3.  The stamped disc

If you want something which still falls under the initial necklace category but is more subtle than a simple charm or diamond encrusted jewellery, a stamped disc is a great choice. Really delicate and dainty, you can either have one stamped disc on a simple chain or several. The latter option is a great option if you want to symbolise the initials of the entire family you’re gifting the piece to; the perfect give for parents, therefore.

Why not ask your local jeweller if they can create a personalised initial necklace for you in this fashion?

4.  The layered message

Just as you can wear more than one charm on one chain, you can also wear several initial necklaces and layer them to spell out the initials of your family, or perhaps a small word. If you go down the layered route, we would suggest each necklace is a small alphabet necklace and the word you spell out is short, so that you don’t overwhelm your outfit with your accessories.

5.  The alphabet jewellery box

And the ultimate way to present the ultimate in initial jewellery gifts? With an alphabet jewellery box, of course! These are bang on trend at the moment with many people liking the added touch of personalisation to their jewellery box. Pop into your local jewellery shop to check out their range of jewellery boxes and giftware.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.