5 Good Reasons to use an Independent Jeweller

Jewellery is such a special, personal purchase that whenever you want to buy a new piece, it should be given the specialist service it deserves. This is why, when purchasing jewellery, it’s always a good idea to use an independent jeweller. But why buy from your local jewellery shop? Here are five good reasons to place your trust in an independent jeweller.

1.  Quality excellence

If you’ve bought from chain jewellery stores in the past and been disappointed, you may well be asking yourself, ‘Where can I buy good quality jewellery?’ If so, look no further than your local jewellery shop.

Local jewellers pride themselves not only on their service, but also the quality of the goods they stock. We would be horrified if our clients were disappointed with the quality of the pieces we sold, or if they returned with a broken piece after minimal wear and tear. That’s why we ensure we only stock the very best pieces available in an array of budgets.

Working with top quality brands, as well as creating handmade jewellery in store ourselves, we can guarantee that what we are selling will be of the very best quality to give our clients a long love story with their piece.

2.  Top level customer care

A big part of shopping with an independent jeweller is the fact that you do not only receive excellent quality pieces, but also top-notch service.

Our years of expertise mean that we can advise on all sorts of jewellery issues, from purchasing to match style, through to advising on jewellery care. So, if you want more than just choosing from a display, pop in to see your local independent jeweller to ensure you’re talking to a jeweller in the know.

3.  Wide range of services

Did you know that your local jewellery shop will often offer more than just pretty pieces? We are a one-stop shop for all of your jewellery needs: from jewellery repairs through to new watch batteries, and jewellery storage solutions to, of course, brand new pieces.

4.  Handmade jewellery

If you want something a little different, which you can’t just pick up in a chain jewellery store, then your local jewellery shop is the place to go.

We love creating bespoke jewellery, and our excellent service also comes into play as we work with our clients to learn what they want from their piece, and how we can go about executing their ideas.

5.  A passion for jewellery

As an independent jeweller, this is our life. We have years of experience, and we’re not just doing a job. Instead, we’re doing something that we truly love. This means that we keep ahead of jewellery trends, ready to advise our customers accordingly, and it’s always our desire to ensure that when we sell a piece of jewellery, we are giving the best piece we possibly can to suit the recipients’ needs and style.

This all means that whether you pop into your independent jewellers for a simple watch strap replacement, or are looking to buy an engagement ring, we are invested in your piece and want to ensure that you walk out of our store happy.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing that the jewellery we help you pick out will be loved, so search for ‘jewellers near me’ to get the very best independent service.

Wondering what is the best high street jewellers? It’s always the independent jeweller!

If you’re looking for excellent service and expertise, look no further than your local jewellery shop. Here at E.K. Jewellers, we will ensure that when it comes to a local jeweller in Ilford, we will give the very best service and have an extensive range to meet your needs.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.