5 Spring 2021 Jewellery Trends

As we head towards spring, you may well be thinking about updating your wardrobe. Jewellery is a great place to start, as often a good accessory can be all that’s needed to perk up a stale outfit. So what does the 2021 jewellery trend forecast look like? There are plenty of jewellery trends to update your wardrobe with or just to add a bit of joy and excitement into your current jewellery collection.

1.  Pearls

Pearls are a classic staple of any jewellery collection, but they’re making a bit of a comeback for spring 2021. Of course the classic string of pearls will suffice, and if you have an heirloom pearl necklace or bracelet, your local jeweller can restring it for you to ensure that it is safe and sound on its string so that you won’t lose any precious pearls. Just be sure to use a local jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises so that your pearls are not lost in transit as they could be when taken off site.

If you want to update your look to be in line with the jewellery trends for spring 2021, then choose a new set of pearls which are irregular in shape. The catwalks and many a spring 2021 jewellery trend report are showing clusters of irregular shaped pearls as chandelier style earrings as a big trend this year.

2.  Long Earrings

When it comes to trends for 2021, earrings will be big and beautiful. The longer the better as far as the catwalks reported. Many of them grazed the shoulders of the catwalk models, but of course you may not want to go to such lengths!

You can, of course, get the catwalk looks but in a much more practical fashion: ask your jeweller in Ilford about handmade pieces if you do want something super long, or otherwise ask them which ready-made pieces fit the 2021 earring trends.

3.  Multiple Necklaces

Stacking necklaces and wearing multiple necklaces has been a trend for a while, but when it comes to necklace trends 2021, one is never enough. The catwalks saw many a layered necklace, and when it comes to fashion trends 2021, wearing more than one necklace is an easy one to follow.

Combine what you already have with new pieces from jewellers Hainault wide. The beauty of the personal service received from local jewellers in Ilford and Hainault is that you will be able show them a piece you already own and love and ask for their advice on further necklaces to match or complement it for the layering trend.

4.  Chain Bracelets

Chain style bracelets are one of the big bracelet trends 2021. The chunkier the better! Ask your jeweller to see their range of chain bracelets to see how big and bold you want to go. You may want something traditional, like a small gold chain belcher necklace or bracelet, or you may want to follow the catwalks and go bold with your chains.

5.  Vintage pieces

Vintage pieces continue to be popular this year, and although there wasn’t much that was dainty or delicate in this year’s jewellery trends, vintage is a great way of incorporating fine jewellery trends 2021 into your wardrobe.

Remember that your jeweller in Hainault will be able to restore any vintage pieces, and as for handmade jeweller trends 2021, you may wish to consider having a vintage piece remodelled to suit your style better. This really is the best of both worlds between the old and precious and the new and on trend.

Ready to take on some of the jewellery trends 2021? UK jewellers can help!

For all of your jewellery trends for spring 2021, remember to check the ranges at E.K. Jewellers in Ilford. We can help with all of the trends that were seen on the catwalk and beyond, to bring your jewellery collection up to date for this year.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.