5 Unusual Wedding Jewellery Ideas

On the biggest day of your life, you should have jewellery which matches your hopes, dreams and ambitions for your new life with your partner. And that often means that you may not wish to follow the norm; you may want something little unusual as your wedding jewellery. We’re here to say that your wedding day should be about you and bringing your personality into your big day, so here are our favourite unique bridal jewellery ideas.

1.  Layer it with love

Don’t feel that you have to wear stripped back jewellery on your wedding day. If you’re of the ‘more is more’ school of jewellery wearers, then don’t feel that you need to change this on your wedding day.

We love the trend for layered necklaces on your wedding day. This trend works particularly well with deep V necked wedding dresses, where you can draw the eye down the body with a layer of fine chains. Don’t forget that you can also add charms and pendants to the end of each chain. Why not ask your local jeweller to create some charms on long necklaces as bespoke bridal jewellery for your big day?

2.  Turn it around

Just as long necklaces are a big trend, turning the necklaces around and wearing a back necklace is one of the more unusual wedding jewellery ideas.

Some backless wedding dresses are designed with a back necklace in mind, so if this is something that takes your fancy, bear this in mind at the start of the wedding outfit planning process. Once again, your local jeweller can create bespoke back necklaces just for you and the dress or outfit you’re planning on wearing.

3.  Heads up

Tiaras are definitely on the more traditional side of bridal jewellery ideas, and if you want something modern in their place, why not choose a bespoke headdress? As unique bridal jewellery goes, a custom-made head piece can really give the wow factor to an outfit.

Your headdress can be as fancy as you make it. Work with your local jeweller and discuss your ideas with them. You could go for a beautifully custom-made hair vine which weaves its way around your entire hairstyle, it could be something which has height to it such as wired stars which form a halo around the head, or it could be pearls of all sizes to create a custom headdress or hairclip.

4.  Mix up the traditional

Of course, if you do want a touch of the traditional, why not mix it up? Pearls are often a staple of wedding jewellery, but why not go for supersized pearls if you do want to go down the pearl route? Or how about adding some colour in the form of ‘something blue’? Adding pops of colour, both in terms of your wedding accessories and even within some of the more modern wedding ring ideas is a great way of coordinating with your bridal party, too.

5.  Unusual wedding rings

Why stop with your wedding jewellery when it comes to the unusual? More and more couples are choosing unique modern wedding rings, something which will suit their personality throughout the rest of their life.

This could be choosing a ring which doesn’t quite meet in a band, but instead wraps around your finger without a join. It could be choosing a wedding and engagement ring which are combined in some way, perhaps with a floating link which joins the two rings together. It could be by choosing something colourful, or equally choosing something with black stones for a really contemporary take on wedding ring ideas.

Don’t forget that your local jeweller can also restore and repair any heirloom wedding rings or pieces of jewellery which you’d like remodelled into a wedding ring. Take it to your local jewellery shop and discuss your ideas with your jeweller to see what is possible.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.