A Guide to Choosing a Diamond Shape to Suit your Personality

Looking for a new piece of diamond jewellery but not sure which cut to go for? Or perhaps you’re trying to find the perfect shaped diamond engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be? Diamond shapes can actually represent certain aspects of a person’s personality, and your local jeweller in Ilford can find the perfect diamond cut to suit your personality, or that of your loved one!

Emerald Cut

One of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings at the moment, this square or rectangular cut exudes elegance. It gives of a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect, which reflects the confidence of the wearer. The sharp, crisp cut represents the glamour, clarity and good sense of self of the person wearing it, so it’s a great choice for those fabulously headstrong brides out there.

Round Cut

Round cut diamonds will always be a classic. They have a sparkle like no other cut, making them both versatile and timeless. If you choose a round cut diamond, it represents your classic and traditional style. In terms of engagement rings, a round cut represents unending love, so it’s a great choice for the romantics out there.

Marquise Cut

Those that choose a marquise cut like to be a little different, but not without an opulent, elegant twist. The fact that the oval shape is elongated with a point on either end automatically makes the diamond look larger, which points to a bold, bubbly, larger than life personality.

Oval Cut

A slightly more unusual choice, brides and jewellery lovers who choose oval diamonds would describe themselves as forward thinking and unique. An oval cut diamond is a close cousin to both the round and marquise cut, but is just slightly more individual in its look and feel, perfect for lovers of quirky. If you’d like to see an oval cut diamond in person before committing, jewellers Ilford wide will be able to show you this unique cut stone.

Princess Cut

What more is there to say about princess cut diamonds? The name says it all! Princess cut diamonds are square in shape and showcase exceptional brilliance: often just like the people wearing them! If you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, why not ask your jeweller in Ilford if they can create a custom piece of jewellery which incorporates a princess cut diamond?

No matter what diamond cut you opt for, there will be a piece to suit both your personality and style. E.K. Jewellers, based in Hainault just outside Ilford, are happy to help you choose a diamond which suits your needs, so why not pop in and see what sparkle would suit your personality’s style?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.