A Watch for Every Type of Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be thinking about buying a present worthy of the special man in your life. A watch is an ideal way to show your dad or partner just how much they mean to your family. However, it needs to be just right, something which will exactly match their personality.

It’s easy to pick the ideal watch for your dad with the help of a local jeweller this Father’s Day. With a huge range of men’s jewellery, as well as watch and jewellery repairs on the premises, Barkingside and Woodford dads can be treated to a special piece of jewellery by following EK Jewellers’ simple guide. Just choose your dad type and then choose your watch!

The Sporty Dad

The sporty dad is easy when it comes to choosing a watch. He’ll be the one needing a sports watch that tracks his heart rate, personal bests and number of steps taken each day! There are a wide range of sports watches on the market, so you’ll be able to choose something which will suit both your budget and the recipient’s needs.

The Modern Dad

The modern dad encompasses many a different man. He’s one of those hands-on dads, not afraid to get stuck in, yet still very young at heart and with his own sense of style. He’ll know what he likes and what suits his look.

This means that you’ll often have a wide range of watches to choose from for the modern dad. We would suggest something with a metal strap, probably with both the strap and watch face in silver, but you can add a splash of colour in the numbers or the face if you feel that this will suit modern dad’s character.

Many a young, modern dad will opt for a large watch face, too. After all, they’re kept busy by their brood, but still like to feel like they’ve got a bit of a fashionable edge to them, so a large watch face is not only practical but makes a statement.

The Traditional Dad

Traditional dads are exactly what they say they are on the tin: they’re classic in style, often slightly on the conservative side and don’t want or need anything flashy. With this in mind, choose a watch which isn’t too flashy. Something with a classic gold watch face and smart leather strap is ideal.

Don’t forget that you can also have an heirloom watch repaired, and this will suit the traditional dad or grandad perfectly. Antique watches – both wrist watches and pocket watches – make for beautiful gifts when repaired, but be sure to use someone that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises.

The Trendy Dad

The trendy dad is up on all that is hip and happening. Let’s face it, he’s not just up on the trends, he’s often the one setting the trends. If this sounds like your dad or partner, then the watch you choose needs to be quirky and distinctive to match their style sense.

How about something with a decorative watch face: a map inset into the face for those trendy travelling dads, or the old fashioned TV test card design for media-loving fathers? Or why not go completely retro, and buy a watch designed in the style of an old fashioned digital watch? There’s plenty of choice for the trendy Dad as long as you match their personality.

No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with a watch this Father’s Day. Pick something which suits your dad or partner’s personality, and you really can’t go wrong.

EK Jewellers in Hainault serves Woodford, Barkingside and Ilford. Come along and talk to our friendly staff who will help you make your selection!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.