Aquamarine: The Perfect Choice for Mother’s Day Gifts

The beautifully crystal clear light blue tones of the precious stone aquamarine have long been used to create stunning jewellery. It’s the birthstone for March, but did you know it’s also a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day?

If you’re in need of a little inspiration this Mother’s Day, don’t be blue; just look to the beautiful tones of aquamarine, available at your local jewellers this Mother’s Day.

The Qualities of Aquamarine

All precious stones are said to have meaning and certain qualities that aid the body and spirit, and aquamarine is no exception to this.

Aquamarine is said to emit a compassionate energy, and brings a deep relaxation to the wearer. It encourages the ability to always be prepared, and reduces stress. All perfect qualities, therefore, to give a mother on Mother’s Day.

An Alternative to Emerald

Aquamarine is part of the beryl mineral family, which means that it’s related to the green emerald. However, emeralds are fairly small stones, whereas aquamarines are large, blue crystals. This makes them excellent for show-stopping pieces and elegant dainty pieces alike.

For Mother’s Day, why not give a pair of beautiful aquamarine stud earrings surrounded by diamonds or crystal to give a floral feel? It sure beats a bunch of daffodils!

A Beautiful Range of Colours

Aquamarine comes in a range of colours from a frosty pale blue through to a stunning sky blue tone. The brighter blue gems are generally considered the more valuable, but many prefer the almost-white tone of the paler stones. Many jewellers stock a range of pieces with varying degrees of coloured aquamarine, so ask to see what they have for you to choose from.

The variety of tones offer means you can choose an aquamarine piece to suit your mum’s taste and style. If she likes bold, bright pieces, then opt for a bold, bright stone. For a more dainty Mum that doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd so much, pick a much paler stone. Lighter stones will also be easier to wear with a variety of outfits and other pieces of jewellery.

Fit for a Queen

Last but not least, aquamarine is a royal stone: the British, Dutch and Danish crown jewels all feature aquamarine in their tiaras, necklaces and earrings. It’s said that it’s one of the Queen’s favourite gemstones, and Princess Diana was seen sporting one back in 1996.

So why not make sure your mum is treated like a queen with a piece of aquamarine jewellery from your local jewellers? Ilford and Loughton are just some of the areas from which people travel to seek the personalised advice of EK Jewellers in Hainault. Why not visit yourself for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.