Autumnal Gemstones for Autumnal Jewellery

Autumn is well and truly here, and it’s arguably the most beautiful season of the year. With the leaves turning all shades of jewel colours and warm woollen knits in reds, golds and greens being dug out of the wardrobe, it’s the perfect time of year to accentuate your autumnal outfits with autumnal gemstones.

Speak to your jeweller about bespoke pieces with strong gemstone accents and team complementing colours together to create a beautiful seasonal look.


Of course, rubies are traditionally the red stones that come to mind, but garnet is actually an excellent base for an autumnal colour palate. It often incorporates slightly golden brown tones, which means that it works well with deep reds and oranges of an autumnal wardrobe.

For something a little different, team it with a creamy soft knit as the contrasting red-brown colour of the stone will give a beautiful pop of colour. Furthermore, this colour combination will carry you into the Christmas season with its red-white candy cane feel.


The mulberry tones of amethysts are reminiscent of the purples you’d find in a harvest crop of ripe plums, or the first jam of the season. They’re also a lovely fresh twist on the autumnal gemstone trend. Team with a brilliant red for a beautiful contrast.

Ask your jeweller about the clarity of your amethysts too, as they are often a stone with few inclusions and therefore offer plenty of sparkle as the days grow colder.


You may feel that a brown stone wouldn’t be the prettiest, but actually the smoky tones of quartz when teamed with diamonds or opals offers a beautiful contrast between the two stones.

An experienced jeweller will be able to team the two stones in an exquisite piece of bespoke jewellery, which you can then wear with a brown trouser suit or a deep orange dress.


Fire opals are one of the birthstones for October, making them perfect as a gift for an October birthday. A handmade ring or pendant on a bright yellow gold band or chain makes for a beautiful, thoughtful gift for an October-born friend.

Jewellery made from fire opals needs the opposite colour combination to quartz, so team with a rich brown jumper dress for that little bit of autumnal chic with a comfy feel.

No matter what autumnal colour takes your fancy, you can achieve the look you desire through bespoke jewellery. Loughton based autumn lovers and anyone else located close to Hainault can visit EK Jewellers for their bespoke jewellery needs. With jewellery made and repaired on the premises, there is plenty of choice to shine like an autumnal diamond.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.