Bespoke Silver Jewellery: Loughton Jewellers Can Give You Wow Factor!

Isn’t it wonderful to have something unique? Something which is custom made, just for you, with a touch of wow factor that no one else has? Something bespoke? Well, imagine if you could show that special something off on a regular basis; by offering bespoke jewellery, Loughton based jewellers EK Jewellers are giving you the opportunity to do just that!

Wow Factor Gifts: Bespoke Jewellery, Loughton

If you’re anything like us, when it comes to gift giving, you’ll want to give something with thought behind it. For special birthdays and other occasions, you can’t go wrong with bespoke silver jewellery. Loughton gift-givers have trusted our expertise for over 36 years as we’re well versed in creating bespoke jewellery.

Why not create a piece that reflects their personality? For example, if they have a particular hobby, we could create a charm or pendant to reflect that. Alternatively, if you know their style well, ask us to custom make a piece of jewellery to match their look.

Bespoke Silver Jewellery: Loughton Brides with The Wow Factor

Everyone wants to look their very best on their wedding day, and Loughton based bridal parties are no exception: here at EK Jewellers, we regularly create bespoke pieces of big-day jewellery. 

Don’t forget that when it comes to bespoke jewellery, Loughton brides and bridegrooms can also have their wedding rings created just for them. We’re happy to make one-off rings which will really be unique to you, and we can also create wedding bands which fit around unusually shaped engagement rings.

Bespoke Jewellery: Loughton Jewellers Can Create The Wow Factor From Old Pieces, Too!

Bespoke jewellery doesn’t always have to be created from scratch. If you’ve got an heirloom piece which perhaps isn’t your style, or an old piece of jewellery which has seen better days, why not ask your local jeweller to give you the wow factor by taking that piece to create something bespoke and unique from it, just for you?

For new from old bespoke jewellery, Loughton residents turn to EK Jewellers all the time, as we have an eye for detail and can easily turn the stones from an old brooch into a ring, or melt down a pendant and change it into a pair of earrings. 

No matter what the occasion, when it comes to bespoke silver jewellery, Loughton serving EK Jewellers can create the wow factor!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.