Charm Bracelet Ideas for Top Christmas Gifts

Charm bracelets are ever popular. Transcending the generations and available to suit all tastes, styles and personalities, they are the gift that keeps on giving. For charm bracelets and charm ideas this Christmas, you have a huge amount of choice available to you.

Which charm bracelet is best?

When it comes to which charm bracelet is best, it really depends on your own personal sense of style. There are some which are on a snake style chain, which means that the charms slide onto the bracelet and can twist freely around the chain. Others are on a linked chain and with this type of charm bracelet the charms dangle from small clasps. Both of these types of bracelets can be added to with new charms over time.

Alternatively, there are bracelets such as those in the Kit Heath range, which have small charms attached to them at all times, but which can’t be added to, as they have nowhere to fix onto. Which of the two types is best really depends on what you want from your charm bracelet.

How many charms should be on a charm bracelet?

Again, how many charms should be on a charm bracelet is dependent on your own personal sense of style and how you wish to wear it. And this is the beauty of a charm bracelet, there’s no right or wrong way to wear one.

Of course, how many you can fit on the bracelet will depend on how many links or how long the bracelet is. On average, you’ll probably find that you can hold up to 30 charms on a bracelet, but you might not want to due to the weight of the charms and how it feels on your arm. For some, less is more.

What does a charm bracelet symbolise?

Charm bracelets as we know them today really came about in earnest after the Second World War. Soldiers would bring back trinkets from the various places that they fought at and gave them to their loved ones as keepsakes. This trend inspired jewellery designers to copy them and turn them into fashion pieces.

With this in mind, charm bracelets make a really meaningful gift for Christmas or, indeed, any special occasion. The reason for this is that you can give your recipient something symbolic. If it’s your first Christmas in your new home, then why not buy your partner a charm bracelet with a house charm attached? Or perhaps it’s baby’s first Christmas? If so, when it comes to charm ideas, a pram charm is super cute.

The great thing is that you can give a charm bracelet this Christmas and add to it over time. This means that you can add charms for hobbies, special occasions, those with spiritual meaning or to remember your travels. So, for example, you could buy a house charm to symbolise that aforementioned new home this Christmas, and then add the pram should a new addition to the family comes along!

What can you do with old charms?

Charm bracelets often get handed down the generations, simply because they’ve been collected and collated with such love. However, old charms may have become tarnished over time, or may simply not be your style. However, a good local jeweller in Hainault or Ilford may be able to clean and remodel your charms, either for wear on a new bracelet or into a new piece of jewellery entirely.

Creative ideas for charms include wearing them dangling from a necklace, rather than a bracelet, and a mismatched arrangement of vintage charms work rather well for this purpose. Alternatively, your old charms could be mounted to a brooch setting, if you don’t want something which is so bold and striking.

How do you wear a charm bracelet?

There are various charm bracelet ideas and how you wear your charm bracelet is, again, dependent on your style. For some, one bracelet is enough. The eclectic mix of charms that they carry may mean that a single bracelet makes enough of a statement. However, some people like to stack their various charm bracelets, particularly if they have a large collection, to make a bolder statement.

Want more charm bracelet ideas? Visit your local jeweller in Hainault.

For more charm bracelet ideas, your local jeweller in Hainault or Ilford can help. We are able to show you the various styles of charm bracelets available, and the ways to wear charms, too. Pop into E.K. Jewellers, Ilford, today to see our wide range of charms and charm bracelets, ready to give a charming gift this Christmas.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.