Choose an Unusual Gemstone for a Unique Look!

We’ve all heard of rubies, sapphires and, of course, diamonds. And sometimes, these stones suit us well and are exactly what we need. But if you want something a little more unusual? Well, jewellers Ilford wide have a whole range of unusual gemstones in their inventory, ready to give you a completely unique look!


Ametrine is a naturally formed mix of Amethyst and Citrine. It’s a stunning purple-yellow bicolour, and the stone can only be found in Bolivia. With a MOH hardness rating similar to Emerald, it makes it a suitable stone for rings and necklaces, among other pieces of jewellery.

Its warm tones make it perfect for a yellow gold setting, and you can also wear more than one ametrine side by side; each stone will be slightly different in tone, but that’s what makes ametrine pieces so unique! They have a really regal feel to them, and are a rich stone, perfect for a dramatic look.


Demantoids are a green garnet which change appearance depending on the light. Similar to an emerald in colour in some lights, in other lights they can look more yellow than green.

Again, because of the yellow tones within the stone, demantoids work well when set in yellow gold. However, don’t be afraid to set them alongside diamonds or other clear stones for a crisp, contrasting piece. Jewellers Ilford wide will be able to advise on whether to set the stones together in white or yellow gold.


Part of the garnet family of stones, rhodolites can range from light, translucent pink through to a red or even a violet colour. They have very few inclusions, so if you like a flawless stone, rhodolites are for you.

Traditionally, rhodolites are thought of as the ‘traveller’s stone’; even Noah’s Ark is said to have had a garnet lantern to light the way! If you’re looking for a gift to give to someone as a bon voyage present therefore, a piece of rhodolite jewellery makes for a really thoughtful gift.


Spinel is often used as an alternative to rubies, often because they can be mistaken for rubies as they look so similar. There’s even a spinel within the crown jewels, famously known as the Black Prince’s Ruby!

Spinel looks beautiful when set in white gold jewellery. The deep red contrasts well against the clear silver tones, and can make for a modern engagement ring, for example, but with a twist on the traditional gemstones used.

No matter what gemstones you opt for, why not speak to E.K. Jewellers, Ilford, in order to see if there’s an alternative which can give your jewellery a unique twist? We can create pieces bespoke for our clients on site, so talk to us about a gemstone which will make you stand out from the crowd!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.