Diamonds & Gems: Rough and Perfectly Ready

There’s a reason that less than perfect specimens are called diamonds in the rough: they are considered to be in need of a little work. They’re a little rough around the edges. This hasn’t stopped the rise and rise of rough diamond and gemstone jewellery of late, however!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but as a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we certainly think that beauty can be found in rough gemstone jewellery. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a rough stone for your next special piece:

1.  They’re a More Affordable Option

Because less work, or even no work, has gone into shaping a rough gemstone or diamond into the perfect cut and finish, they are cheaper for a jeweller to purchase than a ‘finished’ stone, making the end product more economical. 

Furthermore, because clear, faceted stones are seen as more sought after, they are more expensive to purchase both as stones and as finished pieces of jewellery, so you’ll be able to pick up a rough gemstone piece at an affordable price.

2.  They’re Incredibly Fashionable

The trend for rough gemstones has probably taken off due to the handmade, arts-and-crafty look that’s in fashion at the moment, due in large parts to the success of the likes of Etsy and other craft-selling websites. You too can achieve this bohemian, edgy look through a bespoke jewellery piece handcrafted by a jeweller in Ilford.

Remember that certain gems lend themselves better to this look than others: some gems still have to be cut to a certain extent to create this raw look which is so popular, so if you want something which is truly an untouched stone, why not opt for the likes of quartz for a cluster of unaltered glassy stones?

3.  They’re Completely Unique!

If you like to stand out from the crowd, then this trend is definitely for you! No two rough diamonds or gemstones are the same, so by asking us as your jeweller in Ilford to create a handcrafted rough gemstone piece for you, you’ll have something that no one else has. 

Gemstones naturally lend themselves to rings, but you can opt for any type of jewellery you fancy with this trend, so long as you realise that the finished piece will not be perfect. That’s part of the charm, after all! You can even use metals in the rough, such as pyrite, to create a stunning metallic ring or brooch.

Mix settings, and even types of stone, to perfect your one-of-a-kind piece. We’re a trusted jeweller in Ilford with other 36 years’ worth of experience in creating bespoke pieces for our clients, but we’re always excited to be able to create something new, unique and slightly rough for our customers!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.