Diamonds: is Bigger Always Better?

Did you know that the second largest diamond of all time has recently been discovered in Botswana? The Lesedi la Rona diamond is three billion years old, a tremendously twinkly 1,109 carats and is the size of a tennis ball!

This is a rather exciting find, as the only diamond ever found that has been bigger than this was the Cullinane diamond, which produced nine diamonds for the crown jewels.

If you’re looking for your very own version of the crown jewels – be that an engagement or eternity ring, some earrings or perhaps a brooch – you may feel that you, too, need to invest in a large diamond. Big diamonds have always been sought after, but that doesn’t mean that they necessarily suit your style or your requirements.

When it comes to diamonds, consider these factors, and ask yourself, is bigger always better?


Are you an extrovert who likes to sparkle and dazzle with wow factor? If yes, then you probably would prefer a big stone which would become a talking point among anyone you meet. If no, and you’re not so keen on the limelight, then stick to a smaller stone that you’ll love without it drawing attention to yourself.


Your style goes hand in hand with your personality. More introverted personalities will generally dress in a more understated fashion, whereas big personalities will be bold in their dress sense, and their jewellery – and therefore their diamonds – should match this style with a large stone. Not sure quite where your fashion sense lies? Ask your local jeweller for advice.


The cut of a diamond can make a surprising difference to its look. When set properly by a trusted jeweller, oval, marquise and pear shaped cuts naturally feel bigger, without the need for a large over-the-top stone.


Of course, the biggest factor when considering if big really is better is the quality of the stone, and how you feel about its quality. Ask yourself, is a large stone which is poorly cut or has lots of visible inclusions more appealing to you than a small, subtle stone in a beautiful setting and with crystal clear clarity?

Many people opt for the latter – a smaller, high quality stone – rather than something big and brash but low quality, and there’s nothing wrong with that, particularly if you’re buying the piece as a gift or as an investment.

Experienced jewellers will be able to advise on the quality of the stone you’re buying to ensure that you’re getting the best, even if it’s not necessarily the biggest.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.