Do You Have the Right Jewellery Insurance?

If you’re an avid jewellery collector, or perhaps have a few pieces which you know are worth more than just costume jewellery, you will likely know the importance of having jewellery insurance. Should something happen to your precious pieces – for example, if they were to be stolen, damaged or lost – your jewellery insurance should cover your pieces so that you can replace them.

Why is standalone jewellery insurance important?

Many people have high value items included as part of their home contents insurance, but have you considered that you might need standalone jewellery insurance?

The reason for this is that your home contents insurance will normally have a single item limit, which could be around the £1,500 mark. If your engagement ring, for example, was worth more than this, you’d only be reimbursed for the first £1,500, or your claim could be rejected entirely on the basis of not having the correct level of insurance.

How high does high value jewellery insurance go?

There are a variety of different high value jewellery insurance policies out there, and which one you choose will very much depend on your needs and what level of cover they provide. Some high value jewellery insurance policies provide cover as high as £50,000 for jewellery collections.

How can I choose the best jewellery insurance?

As with any jewellery insurance, it’s important to shop around, and ask questions of the various policy providers. You need to make sure the quote is appropriate for your jewellery, and this means that you need to check the price and the level of cover to ensure that it covers your valuable pieces.

What paperwork do I need for my jewellery insurance?

Bear in mind that if you need to make a claim against your jewellery insurance, you’ll need certain paperwork in order to do so. For example, it’s important to retain your original receipt or be able to provide some other proof of ownership, such as:

·  The original paper or email receipt

·  A recent date-stamped photograph of the item, perhaps with the owner in shot

·  A bank or credit card statement showing the payment for the item

·  A certificate or valuation of the piece

Which pieces of paperwork your insurers ask for depends on their own individual policies and how old the piece is. For example, some insurers may stipulate that a receipt is required for any items less than a certain age, whereas for older items it could be that a valuation dated within a set time period must accompany a claim.

As such, you may require your jewellery to be valued by a National Association of Jewellers Institute Registered Valuer. Often your local jeweller will be able to provide the necessary valuation and paperwork which will be required for you to insure the piece.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.