Does your Jewellery Box need a Spring Clean?

With the weather finally looking like it’s about to give us a little bit of sunshine, it’s time to start giving your jewellery collection a bit of an overhaul. Why not give your jewellery box a bit of a spring clean to make sure that all of your pieces are looking their best, and to check whether you need to add anything to it?

Not sure where to begin? Start with your local jeweller in Ilford!

Do you need any Jewellery Repaired?

Check through all of your jewellery as part of your jewellery box spring clean to see whether anything has seen better days. If there are pieces which are missing stones, or have broken links, make now the time to get these pieces fixed.

Reputable jewellers Ilford wide will offer on-site jewellery repair services. By making sure that you use a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, you’ll have your beautiful pieces looking as good as new again, ready for the spring and summer months ahead.

What’s Missing from your Collection?

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your jewellery collection and see what type of pieces you are lacking. Perhaps your jewellery is looking a little dated? If so, why not update your collection with some rose gold, or some dainty stacking rings?

Do you have certain pieces which you wear repeatedly? If so, why not add to your collection with some new pieces? After all, variety is the spice of life!

Take a look at the various collections available from your local jeweller in Ilford. You’re bound to either be able to fill the gaps in your jewellery box or update your jewellery wardrobe!

Does Anything Need a Spring Clean?

Finally, if you’re happy with the pieces in your collection, decide whether any pieces need a spring clean. Many jewellers offer a jewellery cleaning service, and it’s worth having any special pieces cleaned approximately once a year to keep them looking their best.

Remember that any white gold pieces may also need to have the Rhodium plating re-plated. If so, take these pieces to a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, where they will be able to replace the Rhodium plating on site.

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to ascertain whether your jewellery box needs a spring clean. If it does, visit your local jeweller in Ilford. E.K. Jewellers will be able to replace and fix pieces as necessary, as well as update your collection. We’ll make sure your jewellery box is ready to take you through spring and summer!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.