Expert Tips on How to Maintain Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a timeless accessory. A favourite for wedding bands and classic necklaces, it’s simple, elegant and sparkly all in one. However, everyday wear and tear can take its toll on gold pieces, causing them to dim or fade. That’s why, as trusted jewellers in Ilford, we would recommend maintaining your gold jewellery with a little bit of regular TLC.

Clean your Gold Jewellery Regularly

It’s important to clean any jewellery regularly – not just gold jewellery – to avoid dust and build-up from skin oils and grime on your pieces. Over time, build up can cause your gold to be dulled and diminish its sheen. This is particularly true of your gold pieces which are worn daily, such as engagement and wedding rings.

It’s therefore wise to clean plain gold jewellery about once a month. Gold jewellery which includes gemstones, pearls or crystals should not be cleaned at home, as you could damage the stones. Start by soaking your gold jewellery in a lukewarm solution of mild detergent and water. Use your fingers or a soft cloth to clean the grime away. You may want to use a soft bristled brush (such as a baby’s toothbrush) to loosen the more stubborn gold, but please do so gently.

Once clean, rinse your gold jewellery in warm water, and let it dry completely. You can then buff it with a soft, dry, lint free cloth (not a tissue, as they can scratch your gold) to finish the cleaning process.

Important Things to Remember to Maintain your Gold Jewellery

To maintain your gold jewellery as best you can, there are certain things you should remember. Jewellers Ilford wide will tell you that in order to keep your gold looking its best, you should remember the following:

·  Take your jewellery off wherever possible: any jewellery should be removed if you’re doing any work or activities which could damage it. This includes exercise, cleaning or manual labour.

·  Get ready before putting on your jewellery: as part of your dressing regime, apply any lotions, perfumes, make up or hairspray and make sure they’re completely dry before putting on your jewellery. This will help stop any product build-up on your gold pieces.

·  Avoid knocking your gold: hard surfaces can easily scratch gold as it’s a soft metal. Try to avoid bumping your gold jewellery against hard surfaces as much as possible.

Want to Maintain your Gold Jewellery Correctly? Turn to the Ilford Jewellery Experts!

If you’re unsure how to clean your gold jewellery, rather than risk any damage to it, take it to your local jeweller to be cleaned and polished. Here at E.K. Jewellers we can clean your gold pieces onsite and our experts have the knowledge to clean gold pieces which include pearls or precious stones. Get in touch to see how we can help you maintain your gold jewellery to perfection.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.