Four Must-Follow Latest Trends in Ear Piercing

There’s something afoot in the world of ear piercing: piercings seem to have become much more luxe, much more abundant and much quirkier! Whether you’d like to up your piercing game or perhaps would just like a way of imitating the latest looks, there are several ways of doing so. And your jeweller in Woodford can help!

The Vertical Lobe Piercing

The vertical lobe piercing is a very different look that has been taking the piercing world by storm. Just as you’d expect, they are small additional piercings which punctuate the earlobe in two places vertically, rather than following the natural curve of the ear. It’s a brave look, but it’s also rather feminine at the same time, as the piercings have to be quite dainty to fit not only on the ear lobe, but in between other piercings.

If you’re thinking of having this piercing done, why not visit your local jeweller in Woodford to have a tiny earring made bespoke for this purpose? We love small yellow gold or rose gold hopes which fit vertically through the earlobe and have a tiny diamond at their centre.

Themed Piercings

If you do have multiple piercings already, do you wear a similar themed earring throughout, or would you rather mix things up? This year’s trend tends to be leaning towards the former, and themed multiple earrings seems to be the in look.

By this we mean wearing stars in every piercing, for example, or flowers. These can be sparkly to add a little interest, and we’d also advise clustering them together, or wearing an ear vine in certain parts of the ear, to achieve maximum effect.

Tiny Piercings

Although piercings have gone multiple this year, they seem to have also shrunk in size. Multiple, tiny earrings dotted throughout the lobe, the cartilage at the top of the ear and through the tragus are a great way of expressing your personality but not going over the top with the look.

Keep all piercings really small and dainty. This way, they won’t be intrusive on your overall look, but they’ll still pack impact. And if you want something a little bolder, opt for sparkly or diamond studs to add a bit of bling and brightness.

Ear Vines

If you have only one or two piercings, ear vines are an excellent way of adding some punch to your piercings. These are long stud earrings which curl up and sometimes over the lobe or the top curve of the ear, to give the effect of multiple piercings, or a vine of earrings. There are plenty to choose from, available from jewellers Woodford wide. Alternatively, why not have a vine made bespoke to your requirements?

No matter your number of piercings, there are earring trends available at E.K. Jewellers to suit your needs. Why not pop in to E.K. Jewellers, Woodford based earring lovers, to see how we can help you to stay on trend?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.