Four Things you Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

You may have asked your future fiancée’s father for her hand in marriage. You may know exactly how you’re going to pop the question. But choosing an engagement ring for the love of your life is still a terrifying prospect!

With a little thought, however, you can choose a ring any girl would be proud of! Make sure you know and think about the following factors, which any jeweller in Ilford, or anywhere else for that matter, will tell you to consider before choosing a ring:

1.  Know your Budget

Every woman will tell you that an engagement ring should cost a month’s salary.

Of course, this isn’t always a realistic prospect. Starting a marriage with debt hanging over your head is not fun and it’s important that you know how much you have to spend. Whether your budget is big or small, by establishing this from the off, your jeweller will be able to show you rings that fit within your means.

It’s not always necessary to put off proposing just because you feel that you can save for a better ring, either. There are tips and tricks that jewellers can use to effectively boost what you have to spend. For example, the way a diamond is set can make the stone look bigger.

2.  Know Whether it Should be a Surprise

The big romantic surprise is always lovely, but some women would prefer to pick a ring with their partners. This can be equally romantic, as the two of you work as a team at the jewellers to pick the perfect ring.

Equally, your fiancé may have an heirloom ring which they wish to wear. If this is the case, you may just need a jeweller to reset any loose stones, or resize the ring.

3.  Know Her Ring Size

This may seem obvious, but it’s also the most common stumbling block for most men! It’s not something that can be guessed at. If your future wife already wears a ring on that finger, you can take that to the jewellers as a guide, but it’s unlikely that she would wear a ring on her engagement finger before your engagement.

You may have to sacrifice some of the romance and bite the bullet with a ring guide. Many jewellers in Ilford and Barkingside will either let you loan a ring sizing guide, or will have free guides to give away.

If you do buy the wrong size, all is not lost, as you can often have rings resized, but your newly engaged partner will not have a ring to show off in the meantime, and you’ll probably have to spend more to have it changed. Be careful, too, as some rings cannot be resized, depending on the setting and size.

4.  Know Her Style!

This is probably the most daunting aspect of buying an engagement ring, of course, but with a little thought you can get this right too. Before you head off to the jewellers, have a think about the type of jewellery she already wears.

Does she wear white gold or yellow gold? Is her style quite flashy or is it understated? If you can visit the jewellers equipped with this knowledge, your jeweller will be able to find you the perfect ring.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.