Four Top Reasons why Jewellery doesn’t get Worn (and what to do about it)

How many times have you rooted through a drawer whilst looking for something only to find a piece of jewellery which you once loved but, for whatever reason, you just don’t wear anymore?

Unfortunately, for the majority of us, we’ll come across such a piece every now and again: treasured pieces languish in jewellery boxes and at the back of drawers for a variety of reasons. But the good news is there is a way to bring those unloved pieces back to life. Here are our top four reasons why jewellery doesn’t get worn, with some useful advice on what to do about it!

1.  Style Changes

This has to be the top reason why jewellery is left unworn. As with anything, fashions and our own tastes and style changes over time. Unfortunately, as jewellery tends to be more expensive than throwaway fashion trends, this can be quite a costly problem.

The best way round style changes is to have your favourite pieces remodelled. Speak to your local jeweller about what can be done. A little tip that we always pass on when having a piece remodelled is to choose a classic style. This way you are less likely to fall out of love with it in future.

2.  Broken Jewellery

When jewellery gets broken, most people assume that’s the end of that. Snapped bracelet links, rings with missing stones and pearls that need restringing languish in jewellery boxes.

If you have a piece that you really love but has maybe seen better days, it can often be repaired. Remember to take your special piece to a jeweller that carries out repairs on site so that there is no risk of it being lost in transit.

For jewellery repairs on the premises, Ilford customers can take their pieces to EK Jewellers. We will lovingly and sympathetically restore any broken pieces of jewellery on site.

3.  Ill-Fitting Pieces

Rings are probably the most unworn pieces of jewellery, purely due to the fact that they are very size-specific items. Most people don’t realise that rings can often be resized, both to a larger or a smaller size, to make them fit better.

Similarly, extra links can be added or taken away from bracelets, and new watch straps can be fitted to timepieces to create a better fit.

4.  New Batteries Required

When it comes to watches, batteries are the biggest reason for them not being worn. This is such a simple thing to rectify however, as most local jewellers - including EK Jewellers in Ilford - stock and fit a variety of watch batteries.

Whatever the reason for your jewellery not being worn, there is almost always a way around the problem. Pop into EK Jewellers and see what we can do. Don’t let that jewellery languish: let it be loved!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.