Four Ways to Personalise your Jewellery Gifts this Christmas

Jewellery makes a classic gift for Christmas. But if you want it to feel less generic and more personal, there are ways and means of giving something a little more unique. If you’re buying jewellery as a gift this Christmas, have you thought about how you’ll personalise it before giving it to your special recipient?


Jewellers Ilford wide will tell you that engraving your jewellery is the most common way of personalising it. There’s often a range of both modern and traditional fonts available for you to choose from, so that you can pick something to suit the style of the recipient.

In terms of what items can be engraved, it’s pretty much anything goes! Popular choices are the inside of rings, the back of watch faces or gift items such as tankards.


If you don’t want to include a personal message, but would rather opt for something slightly more symbolic, why not choose a piece which incorporates the recipient’s birthstone? This is a much less obvious choice, but in some ways a more thoughtful option.

Your local independent jeweller will be able to advise on which birthstones are for which months. They’ll also be able to help you choose a piece which includes the stone. Perhaps a ring, or a pendant, with the stone set as a solitaire for a modern, contemporary piece?


A fun, modern way of giving something personal is to give a piece of initial jewellery. This is a great choice if you’re buying for someone who is fashion conscious. Choose either initial charms for charm bracelets, or an initial pendant for a necklace.

If you want to give something to celebrate the whole family, remember that you could give one initial charm to represent each family member!


Of course, the ultimate personalisation of jewellery is to have something made bespoke for your recipient. This could include a special motif which means something to you and the recipient, it could contain certain gemstones which have meaning to you, or it could just be that you’ve put your heart and soul into designing something which you know they will love.

Whichever way you choose to go bespoke, speak to your local jeweller about how you’ll create the perfect piece. They’ll guide you with their knowledge of what works well and what you’ll need to change, if anything, to improve the design.

No matter which personalisation route you go down this Christmas, E.K. Jewellers can help. We’ll happily talk through your options, whether you want something traditional or slightly more quirky. Let’s make your jewellery gift giving a personal affair this Christmas!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.