Give your Jewellery a New Sparkle for Christmas

Many of us have invested in, inherited or been gifted amazing jewellery over the years. Often these pieces are saved for a special occasion, and now that we’re in the festive season, what more special occasion is there than Christmas? With all of the fabulous parties and social events of the Christmas holidays, plus the all-important Christmas Day itself, our jewellery is given a great opportunity to shine.

But what happens if our jewellery has seen better days? Has it forever lost its shine? Or is it time to visit to your local jeweller in Ilford for some jewellery repairs?! Yes, it’s time to give your jewellery back its seasonal shine!

Jewellery Remodelling

Have you got a favourite party piece from years gone by, which you once loved but is now unfashionable? Do you long to get it out of the jewellery box for the festive season, but worry that it’s dated? If so, why not have it remodelled by one of the talented jewellers in Ilford?

We can take the core elements that you love from the piece but bring it up to date so that you love it once more. This could mean taking the stones from it and resetting them in a more fashionable setting or melting down the metal and creating something new, for example. Regardless of the update required, we’ll give you a brand new party piece to be proud of.

Pearl Restringing

Pearls are both classic and classy partywear. However, if you’ve had a pair that you’ve worn consistently for Christmases – and other special occasions – gone by, then it might be wise to have them restrung. Visit your local jeweller in Ilford for this service before your pearls, or other beaded necklaces, are at risk of being lost through the string breaking. Your local jeweller will be able to ensure that the pearls are safe and sound on their new string, ready for the party season ahead.

Jewellery Repairs

If you have a piece of jewellery which you still love, but it has broken, then take it to jewellers in Ilford who carry out jewellery repairs on the premises. Many repairs – such as repairing broken links – are simple repairs which, once carried out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have the piece repaired sooner!

Jewellery Cleaning

Of course, all your jewellery may need is a little spruce up. Often, once a piece has been cleaned, it regains all of its former sparkly glory, ready to be worn again over the festive season. Take your piece to an experience jeweller to be cleaned rather than trying to clean the piece yourself, so that you don’t tarnish the piece further. Different metals react in different ways, and therefore specialist cleaning is advised.

Always make sure you choose a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, as this will minimise the risk of your piece being lost in transit as can happen with jewellers who send pieces away for repair. For jewellery repairs Ilford customers can rely on, choose E.K. Jewellers. All of our repairs are carried out on site, ready to let your Christmas partywear shine again! 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.