Handcrafted jewellery - that you Don’t Have to Make Yourself!

There has been a huge trend of late towards handcrafted jewellery. If you’re creative and crafty, then this is no problem; however, if you’re not so good at crafts and are fresh out of handmade jewellery ideas, then what to do?

There is a solution: when it comes to handmade jewellery, Ilford residents are finding that a trip to their local jewellers is the way forward; local jewellery shops offer services for creating one of a kind, bespoke jewellery pieces, so you can achieve the exact look you’re after.

Handmade jewellery ideas

Half of the fun of the creative process is coming up with the ideas and design behind your piece. However, if you’re not sure what you’re after, or your handmade jewellery ideas are not quite fully formed, then you might be looking for a helping hand.

Pop along to your local jewellery shop; by talking through your handmade jewellery ideas with a jeweller, or even just telling them the sort of look and feel you’re after, you can work together to achieve the perfect piece of handcrafted jewellery.

Why use a local jeweller for handcrafted jewellery?

There are plenty of reasons for using a local jeweller for handmade jewellery; Ilford-based local jewellers will have that added level of service which you may not find at a high-street chain.  All pieces will be handcrafted on site, including restoration or remodelling of existing pieces, so you know that your masterpiece is in safe hands.

What’s more, a local jeweller will have the time available to not only work on creating the perfect design and bringing it to life, but also finding out what makes you tick so that the end piece of handcrafted jewellery is exactly as you imagined it to be.

Don’t forget that new pieces of handcrafted jewellery can be created from old!

Handcrafted jewellery doesn’t have to be created from scratch; if you’ve got a heirloom piece languishing in a drawer, or perhaps a favourite piece of old which is no longer à la mode, why not ask your local jeweller to bring it back to life?

New pieces of handcrafted jewellery can be remodelled from old, so if you’ve got a family brooch which you won’t wear in its current format, perhaps have it made into a pendant, or take the stones from various rings and make one special ring. When it comes to handmade jewellery, Ilford based EK jewellers can work wonders!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.