Holiday Happy Summer Jewellery

How many of us have summer jewellery that we only wear on holiday or when sunny days are here? There’s something so special about holiday happy summer jewellery, the jewellery that you only wear as part of your summer wardrobe. It instantly transports us to warmer, happier times, spent on the beach or in the sunshine with friends and family. So which of the summer jewellery trends will be making you holiday happy this summer? Here are a few of our favourites.

Bold beads

Colourful beads are a favourite for many, but hands up how many of us save them for those hazy summer days? There’s something about colourful beads which seem fun-filled, and the fact that strands of beads can be purchased quite cheaply makes them perfect for the beach or holidays.

Team with a neutral coloured maxi-dress for that real boho vibe and don’t forget that you can adorn both your neckline and your wrists with matching or complementing colourful beads for ultra impact, both on and off the beach.

Drop earrings

There’s something about drop earrings which screams summer jewellery. However, in order to make them summer read, switch out the sparkly chandelier earrings for something bright and boho: colourful drop beads, gold strands and warm textures such as raffia all help to bring the summer to our earrings.

Beach chic

So many of us enjoy beachy motifs - shells, starfish and anchors – but many of us reserve this type of jewellery for, well, the beach. We say, if you want to wear a piece of the beach when you’re away from the coast, summer is the time to go for it.

We love the idea of layering several different fine chains with a tiny beach themed pendant on the end. These could be all the same type of pendant, but the charm in this look is often in the eclectic mixing of the charms themselves. It’s an understated look too, so you could definitely wear this in everyday life, not just whilst on the beach or by the sea.

Why not ask your local jeweller if they can create some beach themed charms? These can either be for long layered necklaces or for a charm bracelet or even an anklet.

Adorn your ankles

Many of us love a little bit of nostalgia, so why not throw it back to one of the greatest summer jewellery trends, the anklet? Ankle bracelets really are a staple of the holiday jewellery wardrobe, when your feet are released from their winter boots and you’re wearing strappy sandals instead.

You can go for the beach themed charms dangling from your anklet – either multiple charms or a single charm for something understated – or a fine strand or two of seed beads if you want to keep your look very chilled and bohemian.

If you can’t find an anklet in the high street chain shops at the moment, why not ask your local jeweller if they’ll create one bespoke for you? This will also mean that it fits to your exact measurements.

Want to get holiday happy summer jewellery ready? Visit E.K. Jewellers in Hainault.

If you’re ready to invest in some holiday jewellery or one of the many summer jewellery trends, pop in to see us at E.K. Jewellers. Ilford based sun seekers know that they can trust their local jewellery in Hainault to get them summer jewellery ready, perfect for that staycation or just to lift your spirits in the sunshine.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.