How a New Year Jewellery Overhaul can Recharge your Style

The New Year is a time for reflection, and for change. Usually we refer to New Year’s resolutions in terms of lifestyle, career and goals, but it’s also a great time to reflect on your wardrobe and sense of style. Don’t neglect your jewellery as part of this. In fact, as your trusted jeweller in Hainault, we can assure you that by giving your jewellery a New Year overhaul, you can recharge your entire sense of style for the year ahead.

Identify Gaps

If you’ve decided on a jewellery overhaul this New Year, you may be wondering where to begin. Firstly, we’d advise going through your current jewellery collection and simply seeing how many pieces of each type of jewellery you have.

Are you lacking in earrings, maybe? Or perhaps you only have a few formal necklaces and nothing which is a statement piece? By identifying gaps in your collection, you can then use this information to restock and complete your jewellery wardrobe. Local jewellers Ilford wide can help you to pick the right type of pieces to complement what you already have.

Have Jewellery Repaired

As you go through your jewellery box, take note of any pieces which have seen better days. We all have them: the bracelets with broken links, or the brooch which is missing a stone. How many outfits are not quite complete because we can’t wear that special piece of jewellery which works so brilliantly with it but which is broken?

Have the pieces that you love repaired, and the pieces that you don’t love so much remodelled. This simple act will be enough to get you wearing those complementing outfits again, and will kick your wardrobe up a gear.

Be Daring!

So you want to revamp your sense of style completely? If so, you may need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit!!

This is where a trusted jeweller in Hainault can help: we can steer you towards pieces which will suit your personality and style, but which may not have been pieces you’d necessarily choose for yourself. We won’t make you look silly, but we will give you the confidence to try something new, which in turn could lead to revamping other areas of your wardrobe!

When it comes to changing things up and putting a little something into your sense of style this New Year, E.K. Jewellers’ Ilford and Hainault based customers can put their confidence in us. We can help you to revamp your style this season, with jewellery repairs and new jewellery as required.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.