How to Choose Jewellery for a Black Tie Event

Whether you have a black tie wedding, an awards ceremony or a summer ball to go to, no formal outfit is complete without the right jewellery. Many of us start our preparation for such events by choosing our outfit first, and whilst this is always a good approach, jewellery and accessories shouldn’t be forgotten. After all, the right jewellery can lift an outfit from ordinary to outstanding!


Earrings are one of the most important pieces of jewellery for a black tie event. It’s often enough to choose a show stopping pair of earrings and where those alone with no other jewellery.

The key to getting your earrings spot on is to think about the details of your dress: a strapless dress lends itself to chandelier or long drop earrings, as there’s very little in close proximity to compete with them. If the dress has sleeves, or straps, you do need to be little more cautious, so think about the length of your earrings.

Similarly, think about how you want to wear your hair. Whilst drop earrings are perfect if you’re wearing your hair loose or half up half down, if you’re wearing your hair up in a chignon or bun, then cluster earrings, which are like a stud but larger, may be a better option than drop earrings; you’ll still get the same striking effect but you’ll probably feel less self-conscious in them and they won’t overwhelm your hairdo.


If your dress is sleeveless, then you may wish to add a bracelet to your black tie jewellery wardrobe. It’s always best to start with your earrings, however, and ensure that any other jewellery you wear complements your earrings rather than competes with them.

If you’re wearing something sparkly in your ears, then a sparkly cuff is an excellent choice for a black tie bracelet. Alternatively, if you’re wearing earrings made with beautiful gemstone, then make sure you wear a bracelet of the made from the same gemstone.


Quite often, depending on your dress style and how you’re wearing your hair, you can do away with a necklace altogether when it comes to a black tie outfit. After all, less is more. However, if you decide that your dress needs a necklace to pull it all together, the same rules apply as with bracelets: make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your earrings.

If you do opt for a necklace, we’d suggest scaling back on the earrings; this is where the aforementioned cluster earrings may be a better choice than drop earrings which will sit to close to a necklace and look overpowering.

Whatever the event, your local jeweller can help with your black tie accessories. Pop into E.K. Jewellers in Haninault to see how we can make you show stopping!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.