How to Choose Jewellery with Meaning

Jewellery is often given or purchased to commemorate special occasions and milestones. But choosing a piece of jewellery with meaning can be a difficult decision. As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we’ve helped to pick out many sentimental pieces over the years, and because of this we’ve notched up enough experience to advise our valued customers on how to choose something which will mean something to the wearer. Here’s our guide to choosing jewellery with meaning.

1.  Think of the Occasion

Obviously the occasion will dictate what sort of jewellery you buy. Is it a milestone birthday? The birth of a child? Mother’s or Father’s Day? Or perhaps a graduation or another celebration of success? Depending on the occasion, think about what sort of jewellery will be appropriate.

For example, birthdays can be wide-ranging in terms of jewellery with meaning. There is a huge amount of jewellery available which would be suitable for a birthday, and at a variety of price ranges. But the key to choosing something with meaning? Personalising it for your recipient. This could be as easy as choosing a birthstone piece for the birthday person or engraving a special message of congratulations on the inside of a watch for a celebration of success.

2.  Think of the Recipient

Of course, who you’re buying for should be paramount in your mind when choosing a piece of jewellery with meaning. Does your recipient have a hobby or a particular love or interest in something? If so, could you choose a charm or pendant which reflects this, for example?

And have you thought about their style? For example, don’t buy a statement piece for someone who you have only ever seen wear jewellery which is understated and dainty. And do you know whether your loved one mainly wears gold or silver jewellery? This is important to know, as choosing the wrong piece won’t have any meaning at all for your recipient if they never wear it.

And of course, if the recipient is yourself, then the world is your oyster! Speak to your local jeweller about the occasion and the style and choose something which speaks to your heart.

3.  Think About Repurposing

One way to really choose jewellery with meaning is to repurpose an already well-loved piece. For example, an heirloom watch can be given a new lease of life as a special piece of jewellery by changing the watch band, giving it a new battery and having a special message engraved on the back. For engravings and a new watch battery Ilford and Hainault based jewellers will be able to carry these out on site, and will often stock a range of watch bands, too.

Alternatively, if you have a piece of jewellery which has meaning to you already because it’s been handed down to you or was given to you on a special occasion, but perhaps isn’t your style, you can have it remodelled by a local jeweller in Ilford or Hainault to give it a new lease of life.

E.K. Jewellers: Helping you to Choose Jewellery with Meaning

For special occasion jewellery with meaning, visit E.K. Jewellers. Ilford, Hainault, Chigwell and Gidea Park’s jewellery lovers have been visiting us for years and allowing us to help them to choose jewellery with meaning, for others and for themselves. Pop in store today and we can help you choose something special.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.