How to Choose the Right Hooped Earrings

Hoop earrings regularly come in and out of fashion, but at any given point in time, most earring wearers will have a hoop of some description within their jewellery collection. However, if you’re on the lookout for some new hoops, or have fallen out of love with hooped earrings and fancy giving them another go, how do you know what to buy to suit your needs? Pop in to ask your local jeweller in Hainault, of course!

Sleeper Hoops

Sleeper hoops do exactly what they say on in the tin: they’re designed to be worn whilst sleeping, which is why they’re often used on brand new piercings, to help them to heal during the night. Usually small and lightweight, they’re also a great option if you’re not used to wearing hoops, as they’re a great introduction to this type of earring, or if you want a hoop to wear during the day which isn’t overly dramatic.

If you’re a new earring wearer or want to try hoops again, talk to your jeweller in Hainault about the options for sleeper hoops, as they come in a variety of metals to suit your needs and style.

Open Hoops

Many people are put off hoops due to the feel of them; sleeper hoops often feel a little odd to many earring wearers who are used to butterfly clips, especially if the hoops are a lot larger than the wearer is normally used to. If this is the case for you, open hoops should be your hoops of choice.

Just as the name suggests, these hoops are not a complete circle, and therefore they are fastened with a butterfly clip rather than the interlocking sleeper style. This also makes them a lot less fiddly to affix to your ear!

Hinged Hoops

Another great choice if you don’t want to fiddle with the traditional interlocking fastening of sleeper hoops is the hinged hoop. The hinges mean that they’re a lot easier to put in than sleeper hoops, but they give a more traditional look, as they are a complete circle rather than an open circle like the open hoops are.

Because the hinges make them a more sturdy option, you can get a wide variety of hinged hoops. Huggie hoops often fall under the hinged category too; these are hoops which are usually a thicker band which sit close to, or hug, the ear. From simple, plain metal hoops through to something more ornate, ask your local jeweller in Hainault about the varieties they stock.

Charm Hoops

Of course, hoops don’t have to be of the plain metal variety! There are many options to purchase hoops which have tiny charms dangling from them, to add a little more interest. Usually hooped earrings will only have one charm attached, but there are also varieties which have several charms dangling from them in a layered fashion, which can make a real statement.

Whether you’re hooked on hoops or a little bit hesitant, visiting your local jeweller in Hainault is a great start. Here at E.K. Jewellers, we can advise on the best type of hoop to suit your needs and your lifestyle, and we also have a wide variety of hoop earrings in stock at any given time!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.