How to Create a Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re about to pack a cabin-friendly case and jet off on a minibreak, or are just sick and tired of rummaging through an overfilled jewellery box every time you’re looking for something specific, knowing how to declutter old items of jewellery and add to your collection with good quality pieces to create a jewellery capsule wardrobe is a valuable skill.

Ready to streamline your jewellery collection? Ask yourself these questions:

Have you Worn it in the Past Year?

If the answer is no, then this is an immediate chuck-out. There’s no point in hanging on to pieces that you won’t wear, unless they have sentimental value. If they do, do you want to leave them languishing in your jewellery box? Or could you perhaps reinvent them?

If remodelling’s an option, as a local independent jeweller for advice on how you can refresh the piece so that it will be worn in the year to come.

Do you Love it?

If you love it, then great, it’ll get worn. If you don’t? Again, now’s the chance to see whether you can have it remodelled into a piece that you will love.

Is it broken?

If the piece in question is broken, do you like it enough to pay to get it fixed? If yes, then don’t leave it gathering dust in a drawer, take it to a good jewellers’ shop who repair pieces on the premises and see what can be done.

Does it Match your Style?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as often our style changes from year to year or even season to season. However, most of us have a good idea after a while of their own sense of style.

If the piece doesn’t suit your style, is it worth keeping? Will it work with an alternative outfit which will then help it to contribute to your style? Can it be worn in a different way – for example, a long string of beads could be doubled up around the neck or wrapped around a wrist as a bracelet – or can it be remodelled?

If you’re not sure that it does suit your style after all of these questions, then it’s got to go.

Are you Missing Anything from your Collection?

Once you’ve downsized your jewellery collection, it’s time to assess whether you have everything you need to style up any type of outfit. Usual classic pieces include a string of pearls, diamond stud earrings, a long, flowing pendant necklace and a statement bracelet.

Think about what suits your style: if you tend to wear classic pieces of clothing, do you have smart, classic pieces of jewellery to go with them? Or if you’re more boho-chic, do you have a range of long strings of beads that are versatile enough to wear in several different ways?

If you’re really not sure what’s missing from your capsule jewellery wardrobe, then visit EK Jewellers in Ilford. We can talk you through those pieces you need and those you don’t, as well as remodel outdated items. A jewellery detox could be just what your capsule wardrobe ordered!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.