How to Include your Passions in your Wedding Ring

Increasingly, couples are choosing very specific themes for their wedding days. And why not? These themes often showcase their passions and hobbies in life, and it’s lovely to have a day which celebrates their dreams, ambitions and lifestyle. But why stop the theme at the end of the wedding day? Many couples are opting for bespoke jewellery as a way to incorporate their hobbies and passions into their wedding rings, too.

Period Pieces

If you’re a lover of a certain historical period, or are just a history buff, then why not choose a wedding ring which is in keeping with a historical time period? Vintage and retro are so fashionable at the moment, and if, like many people, you dedicate your hobby time to recreating a certain period of time, then your wedding ring should reflect this.

Having a Great Gatsby inspired wedding day? Then ask your jeweller to create a piece of bespoke jewellery with an art deco feel. Or perhaps you have an heirloom ring which has been handed down to you from an era that you love? If so, ask a jeweller who specialises in bespoke jewellery if they can either restore it or remodel it for your special day.

Geek Chic

Many people have a love for certain cult programmes, or the likes of steampunk. If this is you, then why not ask your jeweller if you can have your wedding ring created as a piece of bespoke jewellery? Cult culture lovers can have pieces inspired by certain classic movements, or perhaps have something created which fits with steampunk style, for example.

Hobby Love

Want a nod to your hobbies as a couple? A jeweller who specialises in bespoke jewellery will be able to incorporate them into your wedding rings. If you’re a nature lover, then why not have a flower motif stamped onto your rings? You may want to finish the design with a small precious stone at the centre, just to give a little bit of sparkle.

Alternatively, if you love to travel, then have something which represents your wanderlust incorporated into your wedding ring. The key is to keeping it subtle, so that your ring doesn’t go out of style. Why not have turquoise incorporated into your rings, therefore, as this is the stone which is said to protect those on their travels?

Family Love

Of course, your passion might be your family. If so, this is easy to incorporate into your wedding rings. For bespoke family jewellery, Loughton’s local jewellers can use tiny stones to represent your family members. These can either be all one colour, or different colours to represent different people, such as your children’s birthstones.

No matter what your passion, there is a way to incorporate it into your wedding ring. For bespoke jewellery Loughton based brides and grooms will love, visit E.K. Jewellers. Just a short hop from Loughton, we are trusted jewellers who are experienced in creating bespoke jewellery, and can really bring your passions to life!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.