How to Keep your Leather Watch Strap Looking like New

The beauty of a leather watch strap is that it goes with almost any outfit. Giving a watch a casual elegance to almost any clothing ensemble, whether dressy or casual, leather watch bands are a great choice for your timepiece.

Jewellers Ilford wide will happily give you a new watch battery or give your watch a service when the time is right, but in the meantime if you’re looking to keep your leather band looking as good as new, there are several things that you can do at home.

1.  Avoid Wear and Tear

Many people wear certain timepieces daily, and whilst it’s lovely to see them getting regular use, there are certain activities that you should take your watch off to do. For example, remove your watch for anything like hiking or decorating, or anything else which may mean that your watch becoming dirty.

Dust, dirt and sweat can accumulate on your leather band, which can lead to odours, stains and general wear and tear, so it’s best to avoid wearing a watch during certain activities where possible.

2.  Clean with a Dry Cloth

If you do get any dirt on your leather watch band, then you can usually clean it at home. First of all, clean the band with a dry microfibre cloth. This will remove any moisture which can accumulate due to the watch strap being against your skin. By wiping the watch band with a dry cloth, you’ll ensure that you don’t scratch the leather with any of the dirt that has built up on the strap when you move on to a thorough clean.

3.  Clean with a Damp Cloth

Once you’ve wiped your leather watch band down with a dry cloth, you can move on to cleaning it with a damp cloth. It’s important to highlight the word ‘dampen’ rather than soak; you do not need a dripping wet cloth for this stage.

Apply a tiny drop of mild hand soap or, in the case of unfinished leather, saddle soap to your damp cloth (about half the size of a five pence piece) and then clean your watch strap using a patting or gentle circular motion. Don’t scrub the strap, as this could damage it.

Once done, gently wipe the watch strap with another damp cloth. Again, don’t use too much water in case you damage the leather.

4.  Use Leather Conditioner

If you want to really make your watch strap look like new, once clean you can use leather conditioner to keep the leather moist and supple. This can prolong the life of the watch band. Leather conditioner is available to buy online; remember to follow the instructions on the package during use. For unfinished leather use a specialist leather preservative to condition your watch band.

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If you really want a professional finish to cleaning your watch band and have a desire to ensure your watch is in the safest hands, be sure to have it professionally cleaned and serviced.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.