How to Look after your Jewellery During the Summer Months

Looking after your jewellery during the summer months is a little different to looking after your jewellery during the remainder of the year. The combination of sea, sand and sun cream can be lethal to your precious pieces, so it’s important to think about your jewellery differently. In fact, you may decide to buy a wardrobe of holiday jewellery from your trusted jewellers in Hainault!

Whether you’re going away this summer or enjoying a staycation, there are a few things you should be aware of in terms of summer jewellery wearing.

1.  Remove your Jewellery before Swimming

Whether you’re swimming in the sea or a pool, it’s a wise idea to remove your jewellery before swimming. In terms of swimming in pools, we’d advise as little contact with chlorine as possible, as it can tarnish your jewellery. And although you might think that sea water would be a gentler option, the salt can still have the ability to tarnish and even scratch your jewellery.

On top of this, if you swim whilst wearing your jewellery you run the risk of losing your precious pieces. For example, the water can make your fingers wrinkle and shrink, which may in turn lead to your rings becoming loose. We’d rather your precious pieces didn’t become treasure at the bottom of the ocean!

2.  Apply Sun Cream before putting your jewellery on

Sun cream is obviously super important, but in terms of applying your sun cream, applying it before putting your jewellery on is super important, too. The same goes for any other sprays of lotions, such as insect repellent.

Apply your lotion, and then make sure your skin is dry before putting your jewellery on, as this will minimise the risk of the lotion tarnishing your pieces.

3.  Avoid Sand and Jewellery

Just like sea water, sand can scratch your jewellery, particularly on plated pieces or precious stones. If you’re wearing a watch or a piece with any hollows or crevices, the sand can also get inside any small openings. For a watch this could cause serious problems for the mechanism. Oh and just think about having to find a lost piece of jewellery on the beach…it would be like trying to find an earring in a sand dune! Oh, wait…

4.  Choose Costume Pieces

Of course, part of the fun of the summer is wearing our summer wardrobe and it’s accompanying jewellery and accessories. However, for everyday wear, especially whilst on holiday, we’d advise switching to costume jewellery where possible. There are some beautiful costume pieces available from your jewellers, Hainault wide, which will be perfect for holidays abroad and at home.

Whether you’re after a costume piece of summer jewellery or would like a piece of jewellery which has suffered some summer damage brought back to life, visit E.K. Jewellers, Hainault. We can help you to make the most of your jewellery this summer.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.