How to Make the Most of your Watch Battery

If you have a watch that you wear regularly, you’ll know the frustration of the battery suddenly dying. That ‘naked’ feeling until you can get a new watch battery, the need to find someone you can trust to replace a watch battery, not to mention the cost: it can all be very frustrating.

So what can you do to extend the life of your watch battery? Here are some hints and tips to get the most out of your timepiece.

Turn off the Chronograph Feature

Some watches have an in-built chronograph, or stopwatch, feature. Whilst this can be a useful feature, it doesn’t need to be in use all of the time. If you have the option, you may wish to turn the feature off when not in use.

When the chronograph feature is left on, it can considerably shorten the life of your watch battery, with some timepieces needing their battery replacing after ten months to a year when this feature is constantly switched on. Stopping the feature may allow your watch battery to last up to two years!

Keep your Watch Cool

Watch batteries do not react well to extremes of temperature. If possible, it’s always wise to keep your watch at as consistent a temperature as possible. This may mean that you decide not to take your favourite watch with you on an exotic holiday, for example, so as to not expose it to unusual extremes in temperature.

Have your Watch Regularly Serviced

It’s important to have your watch regularly serviced. Not only will this keep your timepiece ticking over as it should, it will also make it as efficient as possible. This in turn should mean that you’ll need a replacement watch battery less frequently than if you leave your watch to its own devices.

Consider Removing your Watch Battery when not in Use

There is a school of thought that you should remove a watch battery when you’re not using the watch. Whilst this isn’t completely necessary, you may wish to do so if you know that the watch won’t be worn for some time. However, as experienced jewellers, we would advise that you never do this yourself; if you do wish to temporarily take the watch battery out of your timepiece, make sure you have a professional do it for you.

And When all Else Fails? Have your Watch Battery Professionally Replaced!

Of course, there will come a time when there’s nothing else for it but to buy a new battery. If you’re in the market for a new battery for a watch, then visit E.K. Jewellers. As trusted jewellers serving clients in Hainault, Ilford and Woodford, we have many years of experience in changing watch batteries and do so on site to minimise the risk of your timepiece being lost in transit. So if your watch battery has seen better days, why not pop in today to have it replaced?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.