How to Match your Earrings to your Hairstyle

One of the most important aspects of any outfit is the accessorising. But as well as matching your jewellery to your dress, you also need to think about the earrings that you’ll wear with the hairstyle you choose, particularly if you’re having your hair professionally styled.

If you’ve got an event to go to shortly, EK Jewellers’ Ilford customer base can use our guide to how to match your earrings to your hairstyle:

Sleek Buns and Chignons:

The bun or chignon is a classic up do suitable for any formal occasion. Elegant drop earrings are ideal to balance the graphic, sometimes sleek-but-harsh look of the bun, but remember that they will elongate your face. If you don’t want to draw attention to a long face, choose a slightly shorter style.

Similarly, if you like to frame your face with loose strands or wear a slightly messier style, choose shorter drop earrings to work with the soft sections of hair. If you have a pixie crop or a short hair style, drop earrings are always a winner.

Ponytails and Braids:

A celebrity and Disney princess favourite, the messy braid or ponytail is huge at the moment. Wear minimal earrings so as not to detract from the intricate nature of the braid, but don’t be afraid to add sparkle, or a bit of colourful boho-chic if your braid is particularly soft and untamed.

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles:

If you’re wearing a half-updo, you need to let your hair do the talking. With this in mind, opt for a small stud. This doesn’t have to be boring, of course, and a trip to EK Jewellers, Ilford, will provide you with all of the stud inspiration that you could possibly need.

Side Swept Hair:

This is a simple, stylish look which needs something to complement it. Here you can opt for a dramatic but elegant drop earring, something which will catch attention but not detract from the sophistication of your overall outfit.

Wearing your Hair Down:

When wearing your hair down, whether curly or straight, there’s often enough interest around your face already to mean that you won’t want to detract with overly complicated earrings. For down dos, we would suggest cluster earrings.

These can be simple clusters of diamonds, or if you want to add a touch of colour, how about a mixture of differently shaped and sized gemstones in colours that complement your outfit?

Whatever the occasion, if you’re opting for a special hairdo, don’t be afraid to ask EK Jewellers, Ilford, for advice. We’ll be happy to help you pick the perfect sparklers to enhance your hair.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.