How to Stop your Diamond from being Switched

You may have heard in the media recently about unscrupulous jewellers taking diamond jewellery in for repair and switching the stone for a diamond of a lesser grade. This, understandably, does make people wary about having their special pieces repaired or cleaned.

Of course, these jewellers are very much in the minority, and here at EK Jewellers, we have been offering jewellery repairs Ilford residents have been able to trust for many years. If you do worry, however, that you’ll fall prey to an untrustworthy jeweller, there are ways to protect your stone.  Here’s how:

Laser Inscription

If your diamond has been certified and comes with a grading report, the stone may well have a laser inscription. This is a small engraving consisting of letters and numbers to form the ID for your diamond. It can only be read with a loupe, so it won’t spoil the look of your stone. 

If your stone doesn’t have a laser inscription, it can be added at a lab that provides such a service. This means that if your jewellery is in for repairs, you can check your diamond’s ID under the magnifying glass on its return and make sure it matches your certificate.

Diamond Inclusions

Having a laser inscription is the best way to protect and identify your stone, but diamond inclusions can help if your stone is not inscribed. Inclusions within your diamond are the tiny blemishes that make your diamond unique.

Look at your stone under magnification and pick one or two of the more visible imperfections to identify your stone with once it’s been returned to you.

You may feel that this is quite an amateurish way of going about identifying your diamond, however, so why not ask about having your diamond inscribed the next time you opt for jewellery repairs? Ilford residents can benefit from our knowledge here at EK Jewellers, and we’ll happily recommend a lab to do this for you.

Diamond Plot

Another document which may be useful to you when it comes to protecting your stone is a diamond plot. This is a map of all of the inclusions on your diamond, often found as part of the grading report.

When your jewellery is given back to you, make sure you check the inclusions against this, remembering to do so in store to ensure that you have the right stone.

Use a Jeweller you can Trust!

We can’t stress this enough! Get a feel for your jeweller, and build up a rapport. Always make sure that you get a receipt for the work, too.

Here at EK Jewellers, our jewellery repairs and cleaning services are carried out on site, so you know that your diamonds will be in safe hands. We have many years of experience of carrying out jewellery repairs; Ilford residents know and trust us to return their pieces in good shape, and with their very own diamonds intact, too!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.