How to Store your Watches Correctly

Whether you’re saving a watch to pass on to the next generation, have more than one watch in your collection, or need to keep a timepiece safe because it won’t be worn for some time, there’s often a point where one or more of your watches will have to be put into storage. Storing a watch correctly will aid the longevity of its life, so it’s important to know how best to pack them away.

On top of storage, you should also think about insurance and the care of your watch to keep it in top condition. For valuations, servicing and a new watch battery Woodford based timepiece lovers should visit their local jewellers for more information.

Use Specific Watch Storage

Whether you’re looking for a long term storage solution, or just need a watch to be stored safely until it is worn again in a few days’ time, using storage specifically designed for watches will help to protect it. You can either buy a soft jewellery roll with pockets, or if you’d like something a bit studier to offer more protection, a jewellery box with a cylinder in the middle to put the watch strap around.

Of course, you can often store watches in the original boxes they came in, together with any paperwork. This is worth doing in case you decide to sell your watch at a future date. Once stored in a specific storage case, it’s then a good idea to secure them in a safe place within your home.

Keep Moisture at Bay

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of watches. If you’re thinking of storing your watch in a safe, remember that it will likely be colder than room temperature in there. Moisture and condensation under these conditions can cause the oils within the watch mechanism to congeal, which can cause damage, particularly to quartz watches.

To counteract this effect, we’d recommend storing your watches with a silica gel. This is easily purchased online, or you can recycle the small packets that often come with the likes of shoes and electrical goods.

Insure your Timepieces

It’s always wise to insure any valuable pieces of jewellery, and watches are no exception. Speak to your local jeweller for an appraisal and valuation, and then either check that your timepiece is insured under your home contents insurance, or look into specific jewellery insurance.

Whether you’re looking for a valuation on your timepiece, a service to keep it ticking over or a new watch battery Ilford based customers can visit EK Jewellers for all their watch needs. Remember to regularly have your watch serviced so as to maintain it, and we’ll also happily advise on watch storage.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.