How to Style (and Re-Style) your Wrist Wear

Wrist wear is big business at the moment. Jewellery trends have turned towards pretty bracelets and watches, and there’s plenty of choice out there right now.

These are just a few of our favourite picks for the season, but if you have a favourite bracelet that has seen better days or a watch that requires a new watch battery, then that counts as pretty wrist wear too. As well as something new, there are plenty of ideas to bring classic, heirloom and vintage jewellery back to life.

Slider Style

Slider bracelets are on trend at the moment. Their name comes from the bar, or slider, in the middle of a fabric bracelet. They are simple but oh so chic, finished with a bead at one end. They make for great youthful gifts if you have a young adult to buy for, or a new young mum, for example.

Furthermore, sliders come in all sorts of colours. The variety of fabrics and cords that form the basis of the bracelet come in a huge array of colours, and then all you’ve got to do is choose the type of metal that suits your style for the slider: silver, gold or rose gold!

Friendship Fashion

Slider bracelets are a type of friendship bracelet in themselves, and the friendship bracelet is really in at the moment. If you want something more formal than a fabric based bracelet, however, have you thought about something from the David Deyong DiamondDust range?

These elegant bracelets consist of a fine chain, joined with a bead featuring either a heart pendant, solitaire bead, cluster bead or infinity pendant. They each come in yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver and have an elegant, feminine feel to them. Why not treat one of your friends to a pretty wrist adornment this spring?

Wonderful Watches

Watches also have turned towards the pretty, delicate end of the scale this spring, and often feature diamonds or other precious stones. Your local jeweller will stock a range of watches in all sizes, and on all types of band, so you can choose something beautiful to adorn your wrist.

If you already have a watch you love or have an heirloom watch that needs a bit of TLC, remember you can use a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises to service it and supply you with a new watch battery. Vintage jewellery continues to be fashionable, so don’t be afraid to pretty up your wrist with something that had once seen better days.

No matter what your wrist requires this season, speak to your local jeweller for ideas. For everything from beautiful bracelets through to a new watch battery, Woodford and Ilford customers and of course anyone from surrounding are welcome to visit EK Jewellers for the most fashionable of wrist trends.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.