How to Style the Single Earring

Over the past few months, the catwalks have seen a curious jewellery trend come to life: the single earring. It’s taken the fashion world by storm recently, but is it something that the normal person can wear?

Yes it certainly is! There is more than one way to wear the single earring. Take some advice from your local jeweller in Loughton and embrace the single earring trend.

Catwalk Chic

If you’re not afraid of a trend and are ready to embrace the bold one earring look seen on the catwalks, then go for it! There’s nothing small or understated about how the catwalk does single earrings, but it’s also a fun look that many people will want to try.

It’s an easy look to recreate using large bold hooped earrings and long dangly pieces. The bigger and longer the better! Keep the rest of your outfit simple so as to draw attention to the single earring and not overdo your overall look.

Soften with Studs

If the catwalk look is too much for you, but you’d still like to try the single earring trend, you can soften the overall effect by using small studs or hoops. Many jewellers Loughton wide now sell single stud earrings, or you can of course split up a pair of earrings and wear just the one.

For something a little bit middle of the road, there are specific ear vines or ear creepers available. These are a single stud which consists of a long line of tiny stones, beads or metal motifs which sit along the edge of the earlobe. These are extremely pretty, but have a real wow-factor to them, especially if worn singularly for maximum effect.

Pierce me Pretty

Of course, the single earring has been around for a long time in the form of a secondary piercing, and men often only have a singular ear pierced. These can be styled in the traditional way with a small stud or hoop. Don’t feel that you have to stick to tradition, however; why not opt for a tiny pearl, or a small star shaped stud, instead of the usual gold or diamond circular earring?

This type of piercing is no longer the preserve of the teenager either. Many an experienced jeweller in Loughton is also reporting the rise of women of all ages asking for new singular piercings. It’s a real way of showing your character and independence no matter what age you are.

If you are brave enough to take on the singular earring, customers in Loughton can visit EK Jewellers to add to their earring collection. Bold and brave, but also stunning and stylish, we’ll help you to style the single earring look to suit your personality.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.