How to Style Up Multiple Ear Piercings

Once upon a time, when one thought of multiple ear piercings, the stereotypical image that most people would think of would be of a punk rocker or rebellious youth. But nowadays, the tide has turned, and as high fashion has pinched the piercing as one of its own, so the multiple ear piercing has become high-end. 

Perhaps you have multiple piercings – maybe because you simply like the look, had a daith piercing for migraine-aiding purposes or perhaps you once was that rebellious youth – and if so, you may be wondering how to style them up.

There are many ways to change the look of multiple ear piercings: here are just a few of them:

Precious Piercings

The way to make multiple ear piercings look high end is to go down the line of luxury with the jewellery you wear. Choose precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, opals and rubies to set you apart from the masses. Stick to one colour throughout each piercing to keep it classy.

The Star Attraction

Multiple, tiny star earrings or flowers made of simple but stunning diamonds look extremely pretty when dotted along the line of the ear. They are feminine and stylish yet still hold a touch of the eccentric.

Why not take a look at the range of delicate multi-piercing earrings available from your independent jeweller?

Geometric Goddess

Geometrically shaped earrings make for an exceptionally fresh and contemporary look. Use the shapes to fit your ear, so a triangular earring will work well on the lobe, followed by a longer rectangular earring along the length the outer ear and a small square at the top.

Cute Cuffs

Cuffs aren’t just for the wrists: no, cuffs make for great earrings too. Choose a traditional solid cuff for those times when you want to make a statement, or a delicately intricate piece that winds around the top of the ear for days and events that require something a little more elegant.

And the best bit about cuffs for the multi-pierced look? You can get the look without going under the needle by using fake cuffs, so you don’t actually have to be pierced at all!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.