How to tell if your Vintage Jewellery is Valuable

If you’re the proud owner of vintage jewellery, it might well be worth more than just sentimentality. The value of vintage jewellery has been on the rise for some time, meaning that if you own any heirloom or antique pieces, or even vintage gemstone pieces, these could be worth more than you think they’re worth!

But how to tell if your vintage jewellery is valuable? Here are some hints and tips from trusted jewellers.

Gather your Information

If possible, it’s a good idea to gather as much information as possible regarding the history of the piece. Where did it come from? Do you have any of the original receipts or jewellery boxes? If it was an heirloom piece, did it come with any notes or letter from the person that gave it to you? Any clues as to where and when it was purchased, or even by whom?

All of this information will help you, or an independent jeweller, piece together its history which will help to estimate its worth. Of course, pieces from the big jewellery houses such as Tiffany’s or Cartier will make it easier to join the historical dots, but that doesn’t mean that lesser known pieces will not be valuable. Any beautiful piece will be valuable to the right person.

Check for Marks

Often, jewellery is marked with certain stamps or signs which denote something about its make-up. For example, does your piece have any UK hallmarks? These can help to tell you about the city it was made in, the date it was created and the precious metal content of your piece.

Your piece may also have a maker’s mark, or an assay mark. These will often help you to ascertain in which country a piece was manufactured. For example, an eagle’s head is a symbol of a piece being created in France in gold; this will indicate to your jeweller that it is a piece of good quality and could therefore be worth some money.

Check your Gemstones

Gemstone jewellery has seen a huge increase in value in recent years, particularly when it comes to coloured stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It’s therefore worth checking your jewellery collection for brightly coloured gemstones. If you do have any bright gems within your jewellery collection, why not take them to your local jewellery shop to have their transparency checked and find out how much your piece could potentially be worth?

Doesn’t Suit your Tastes? Doesn’t mean it’s Worthless!

Just because a piece of jewellery doesn’t suit your tastes, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable. Particularly if a piece has a highly unusual look it could be a one of a kind piece, which will make it more valuable. And it doesn’t have to have come from one of the big jewellery houses to be worth money, either; small independent jewellers are often well sought after as their pieces are rarer.

Remember that jewellery goes in cycles of fashion, and it’s not uncommon for pieces from recent decades such as the 1970s and 1980s to be collectable now.

Have your Piece Independently Valued

If you have a piece of vintage jewellery which you’d like to learn more about or have valued, visit E.K. Jewellers for a professional, independent valuation. As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we carry out jewellery valuations on site and can provide documentation as to the make-up of your piece and how much we believe it should be insured for. Is your piece of vintage jewellery worth some money? It’s time to find out!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.