How to Wear an On-Trend Long Chain Necklace

Long necklaces are really on-trend at the moment, and are so easy to wear in order to jazz up a simple outfit. Indeed, some outfits look so much better with a long necklace layered over the top of them. But if you’re not sure how to wear the long necklace trend, you may be put off of trying. Cue the advice you need to make it work…

DO check your neckline

The first thing to do is to remember that long necklaces work well with certain types of necklines. High cut t-shirts and tops are great to wear a long chain necklace over the top, and the same for high collared shirts.

DON’T overdo your outfit and long necklace combination

Just as you need to think about the neckline of your outfit, it’s also worth thinking about your outfit as a whole. Some long dresses, for example, won’t work well with a long necklace, whereas others do; it’s all about getting the balance right and making sure that your long chain necklace doesn’t overpower the outfit.

An extra-long chain necklace, for example, may be too much with a long dress, but you may be able to get away with one of the on trend boho styles which is a little shorter. Similarly, a boho style may be too jazzy for a patterned top. Making sure your long necklace matches your outfit is key, and sometimes this means opting for something simple like a plain sterling silver long chain necklace, and at other times it means going for something a little bolder.

DO use a necklace to style up a simple outfit

Having said that you need to match your long necklace to your outfit, you can use them to jazz up a simple outfit. Long chain necklace in gold or a long chunky chain necklace will jazz up a simple white t-shirt, for example. Alternatively, opt for something with a beaded charm on the end to bring some colour to a neutral tee.

DON’T think that long necklaces are just for women

Men’s long chain necklaces are just as much in fashion as women’s, so don’t make the mistake of just thinking they are only for one gender. They can be very much gender neutral, although many men will wear a long necklace under their shirt or t-shirt.

However, you can wear them to add a different vibe to a casual outfit by wearing a V-neck t-shirt or leaving a few buttons open to display the pendant on your chain. Why not have a quick internet search for ‘men’s long chain necklace’ to see how to style your piece?

DO layer your long necklaces

Of course, one of the most popular ways to wear a long chain necklace is to layer it with another. An extra-long chain necklace will be needed, followed by one or two more at slightly shorter lengths. Certain jewellery designers actually release collections which are designed to be worn together; alternatively, you can mix and match. The key to getting it right is to use the same metals or a charm which complements the other necklaces on each necklace.

You can also wear very different pieces together; this works really well with a boho look and can even be layered with a scarf over the top!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.