Indulge yourself this Christmas with a Fine Piece of Jewellery

Christmas is coming, and you’re well on your way to having bought presents for everyone in the family. All of your friends are accounted for, and you’ve also bought your office Secret Santa present. But what about getting something for yourself?!

OK so it’s not necessarily the traditional thing to do, to buy a gift for yourself. But how often do we really treat ourselves? So this Christmas, visit your local jeweller and buy something for you. There’s something available for every price point, so you needn’t feel guilty. Indulge in something special!

A Reasonable Indulgence

Who knew that you could get some sparkle at a super reasonable price?! Well, with the DiamondDust range, you can do exactly that. There’s plenty to choose from, from simple-but-classic stud earrings through to really pretty, really dainty friendship bracelets.

And who better to gift a friendship bracelet to than yourself?! Independent jewellers will help you to choose friendship bracelets to suit both your style and your budget this Christmas, whether you opt for something from the DiamondDust range or something entirely different.

Mid-Range Indulgence

If you have a little more budget to play with, then take a look at the Kit Heath range. There are so many contemporary styles to choose from with Kit Heath. The new Bevel Collection, for example, is classic but still really rather modern, which means that the pieces are perfect for any outfit or occasion.

Alternatively, the Manhattan range is full of sharp lines and angles, which works well with smart tailoring. Why not treat yourself to a piece that can be worn to both the office and after work drinks? Your local, friendly jeweller will be able to help you to choose something indulgent but which suits your style.

Blow the Budget!

Sometimes, you deserve something extra special! If you feel like this is you this Christmas, then why not work with your independent local jeweller to create something bespoke for you?! You can really treat yourself by having something made to your requirements: it will be your exact size and style, and can be created as something meaningful for you.

Although this is an indulgence, it’s actually something that can be made as budget-friendly as is necessary to you. Adding extra gemstones, for example, will make the piece more expensive, but you can work with your jeweller to create something to fit your needs. Remember that you can also indulge in having a broken piece of jewellery fixed so that you can wear it with pride again!

No matter how you decide to treat yourself this Christmas, make sure you do treat yourself. After all, you deserve it! Looking for jewellers in Chigwell or a jeweller in Loughton? E.K. Jewellers is just a short drive or Tube ride away in Hainault and have friendly experts on hand to help you to give yourself a little something special this Christmas. Go on, indulge!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.