Inspiration for a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Nothing tells someone you love them more than a piece of bespoke jewellery commissioned and designed especially for them. And an engagement ring created bespoke for the recipient is the most special piece of bespoke jewellery of all!

But if you’re thinking of proposing and would like to have an engagement ring custom made, you may be feeling a little baffled as to where to begin with it all. How can you make your engagement ring unique? What will make it so special?

Well, by consulting a jeweller specialising in bespoke jewellery Ilford wide, you’ll be in the safest of hands when it comes to your custom engagement ring. Why not try some of these ideas for size?

Traditional Sparkle

Of course, sparkle is usually the name of the game when it comes to an engagement ring. If you know that your loved one will adore something twinkly when you propose, then speak to your jeweller about including plenty of diamonds or other sparkly stones.

Choose something like an emerald cut diamond, which is then surrounded either side by diamonds set into the band. Speak to you jeweller about the cost of including so many precious stones into the design of your bespoke jewellery. Loughton and Ilford based jewellers who have experience in bespoke jewellery will be able to tell you the cost of such work up front.

Low Key

Of course, many people want an engagement ring which is lower key than big on bling. If so, then a bespoke engagement ring is ideal, as you can design it to be dainty and understated.

Think along the lines of the stacking rings which are currently fashionable. Ask your jeweller to create something dainty which is around the same size, with a small diamond set in claws. If you’d rather something with a little more oomph, then ask your jeweller to create something with a flower motif, or in rose gold, to make it more unusual.

This is the beauty of bespoke jewellery; Woodford, Ilford and Loughton based jewellers who are experienced in creating bespoke engagement rings can make something which is unique, but which will be loved by your recipient.

Raw Love

Something which is very popular at the moment but which gives a very unique finish is the ‘raw’ look to jewellery. By this we mean engagement rings which are finished with a rough cut. This works well with all stones, not just diamonds, if you want something truly unique, although diamonds can be beautiful with such a finish, too.

It doesn’t matter if you take our inspiration or not, of course. If you’ve got your own ideas about what you’d like your engagement ring to look like, then speak to a trusted local jeweller experienced in bespoke jewellery. Why not contact E.K. Jewellers today? Located in Ilford, just a short hop from Woodford and Loughton, we will talk you through your ideas to give you a realistic outlook as to what’s possible and how your finished piece will look.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.