Is the Yellow Gold Engagement Ring about to Become Extinct?

Over the past few years, here at EK Jewellers in Ilford, we’ve seen a steady decline in people choosing yellow gold for their engagement rings. This may well be due to the increased cost of gold, or simply due to the yellow coloured metal falling out of fashion.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and many people about to pop the question to their other halves, this decline has got us thinking about alternatives, as well as ways that you can make the traditional yellow gold engagement ring more modern.

White Gold or Platinum

The obvious alternative to yellow gold is either white gold or platinum, both of which give the brilliant white/silver look which is more fashionable than yellow gold at the moment. You could, of course, opt for a ring actually made of silver, but it will be less durable and can tarnish easily, which could spoil the look of the ring.

It’s difficult to go wrong with either white gold or platinum; it suits all ring types and all stone shapes, sizes and colours, so whether you choose a ready-made ring or opt to have a bespoke piece made, there will be a design to suit your tastes.

Rose Gold

This is a really pretty alternative to yellow gold, and can make for a wonderfully romantic ring; perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Rose gold is very fashionable at the moment, and you may find that your partner already has a watch or other pieces in this colour. Just bear in mind that as with everything, fashions do change.

Some people also believe that rose gold should only be worn with other rose gold pieces, and that jewellery metals shouldn’t be mixed. We believe, however, that as long as the metal colours of your wedding and engagement rings match, you can wear different coloured jewellery elsewhere.

Black Gold

Just the same as rose gold, gold can be created with other alloys to form different coloured metals. Black gold creates an edgy, modern engagement ring which isn’t for the faint hearted. However, if you’d like something different to the norm, or are a particular fan of the monochrome look, then this could be for you.

A look which isn’t quite as stark, but is still monochrome, is a white gold or platinum ring set with black stones; you’ve still got the black and white (or, rather, silver!) look but it’s less striking than a complete ring made of black metal.

Modern Yellow Gold Rings

If you do want to stick to a yellow gold ring but want to make sure it’s modern, why not think about one of the following ideas?

·  A geometric shape; something edgy, like a triangular stone in a thick yellow gold setting.

·  A ring which spells out a word.

·  A yellow gold band set the whole way round with small diamonds or coloured gemstones.

·  A vintage yellow gold ring which has been remodelled to suit your partner’s taste.

No matter what type of ring you opt for, as your local Jewellers in Ilford we’ll make sure that it’s extra special. From choosing a ready-made ring through to redesigning an heirloom piece, or even making something bespoke, we’ll be happy to make your Valentine’s Day proposal perfect.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.